Inuyasha comes to an end…

June 18, 2008 at 4:48 pm | Posted in Anime, Manga, Music | 5 Comments

This is the second ending: “Fukai Mori” by Do As Infinity. It’s one of the songs that I liked the most from the anime.

Yes, after 558 manga chapters in 12 years, Inuyasha is finally ending.
Aww… it’s so sad… well, I guess I’m probably not as sad as some of you fans out there since I did not constantly follow the anime, never mind the manga, but I do know enough to know what is going on and how sad it will be now that it’s gone. I guess having such an open ending after 167 episodes (I did not watch all 167) with no real plot movement can put you off. And I read somewhere that someone got fed up with the constant “Inuyasha!”s and “Kagome!”s. (That reminds me of the “Sora!”, “Donald!” and Goofy!” repetition from the Kingdom Hearts series. hehe) But still, it was a sweet story and I’m glad it had a definitive ending. (and a good one too! It’s a happy one.) And I feel for you fans who will miss that new chapter that comes every week… oh the empty void… Why doesn’t the good stuff last longer? I guess that’s because it’s even better and more memorable when it ends. Or is it really…?

At least now that it’s over, it’ll have the chance to become a classic! Right? πŸ™‚

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  2. yes… an empty void, I plan to fill by writing fan fic =P LOL!

    I already think of it as a classic, I mean, so many years!

    WHAAAAAAA!!!! 😦

    My fave series has ended!

    I want more, Inu stories…. I’ll have to settle for fanfic now.

    *crys* no more new stories about my Sesshy 😦

    Oh… love the ending though! Jumped into the future… weddings, babies and all! YAY!

    Mad at Keade, GRRRRR, I do not agree with her. *fumes and throws poison venom at her*

    …seems Sesshy don’t agree with her either…. cool! *rushes off to write fanfic about Fluffy visiting Rin* We all know he doesn’t want her going back to a human village, or he wouldn’t be there, willingly being surrounded by all those pathetic humans! πŸ™‚ Sesshie’s glare at Kagome’s new title for him = Priceless! LOL! LOL! LOL!

    I’m miffed over Kaede taking Rin away from Sesshomaru X( but, seeing how Sesshy is visiting Rin, we can hope they get together once she’s grown up. Looks like Rumiko is not going to be telling us either way 😦 , so I’m going to assume they will and be happy with that. πŸ™‚

  3. haha yes, Sesshoumaru’s glare was indeed priceless. The time skip kind of reminded me of Harry Potter’s time skip at the end (meaning it was total fanservice lol) but still! it was really cute.
    but yeah, i guess fanfics will be all that’s left to explore…

  4. yea… me too, HP was the first thing I thought of! loved HP ending, except I think too many characters got killed off… one or two, okay, but what was it, like 17 of them? OMG! ACK! and she killed of my Snapey! Well, he had a good death at least.

    Sesshomaru and Snape are 2 of my all time fave book characters, now both of them will have no new stories for me to read.

  5. haha yeah i think the death count was like 15 or something. it was pretty high. too high.
    but yeah… it’s really sad when good things come to an end.
    well, it’s time to look for a new love! although it will be hard… any ideas? vampire knight looks promising.

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