It’s sad but…

June 22, 2008 at 3:19 pm | Posted in Everything Else | Leave a comment
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I may not be able to post as much in the next coming weeks because of summer school… 😦
*Tear drops* Noooooooo!
But, it will (hopefully) all be worth it in the end. And what’s with the “expect 1-3 hours of homework per night” business? Are you kidding me? Gah! I’m gonna die! Help me! Please! AAAAAAHHHH!
Alright. I’ve let it all out. I’m calm. For now…
Hopefully I won’t get as much work because I’m taking physics? At least it’s not a language course (speed-reading? Noo!) or a history course *shudders at the thought of doing history in the summer.* (I hate recent history. Ancient history is fine. Much cooler.)
Well, we’ll see. Gotta hope for the best, right? (Yeah… and that’s coming from a pessimist and a procrastinator. What a lie. And either way, I’m screwed.)
At least it’s only three weeks, right? Well, too late to back out now. (Or is it…?)
Wow. I just realized how often I use brackets for side-notes and stuff (is that a bad thing? hehe, but no really. Is it?). Anyway, looks like I’ll still have to face the reality of summer school and less time for blogging-ness.
So farewell, but not goodbye.
(Aww man, this sounds really sappy and sad.)
Gah! Okay, well, see ya later!

Random Quote: At the end of the day, you will always be smarter than you were at the beginning of it, even if the only thing you learned was how stupid you are. – Anonymous


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