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Well, so far, so good. I’m one day into my summer school and it’s… alright. I’m just glad that we haven’t gotten that much homework so far. That’s my biggest concern right now πŸ™‚
So, today wasn’t too bad. I’m glad the teacher’s not horrible, especially since my last physics teacher was… less than tolerable. The dude was so monotonous I really don’t know how he even carries a conversation with anyone. But anyway, at least this guy was more interesting. Not incredibly interesting, but hey, you can’t have everything go your way. (If it did, I’d have to admit I’d be pretty suspicious…) Today was mostly review, so I can’t say I’m overloaded with information yet (but don’t worry, that day will come soon… whether I like it or not). I can also see how this will get very tedious and boring by the end of these three weeks…
Hehe we’ll see if I live or not… any bets? πŸ™‚

Anyway, on a completely different note, I’m in the mood for a pretty picture. I think this will do.
The Pink Rose

Ooh! So pretty! lol it better be since I took this picture! Alright, now I feel better and not all physics-y. (yes, I love making new words. Don’t you?) Yay for flower power! Gotta love it.

Random Quote: Hard work never killed anybody, but why take a chance? – Edgar Bergen
Totally my motto. Rest in peace…


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