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Now what might that be…?
haha gotta love the ticking noise. But is is just me or is that clock and the tick a bit off…?
Here’s the main theme. It sounds amazing!
Here it is orchestrated. It sounds even more amazing!
It’s official. Chrono Trigger is being remade for the DS! AWESOME!!! (Now if only I had a DS… well, I can borrow my sister’s DS… hehe) Anyway, it was announced earlier this week but I guess it only really hit me right now (nah… I’m just making excuses). If you don’t know what it is, shame on you! But then again, maybe you can’t be blamed since it is pretty dated… anyway, this is a great Square RPG with awesome music by Yasunori Mitsuda (second only to Nobuo Uematsu and tied with Yoko Shimomura) This game has a great story, an amazing group of characters (you gotta love Frog and Magus) and awesome gameplay. If you’re not planning to buy the PS game (which you can probably get for less than $10 if you can find it) then you’re in luck because this game is set come out in the 2008 holiday season in Japan and North America (though that may change…) Still, it’s better than waiting who knows how long for Final Fantasy XIII, right? Though, they say they might announce a date at DKΣ3713 this coming August… Well, there’s good news all over the place! I love it when things start coming together. Yay! It’s supposed to be an enhanced remake (whatever that means) but there will be a new dungeon, a Wireless Play mode, and it will use the DS’ Touch-Screen functionality. (fancy words from here) So yeah. Get excited for this awesome game!!!!

On another note, one more week of summer school! Whoohoo!

Random Quote: Am I a butterfly dreaming I’m a man? Or a bowling ball dreaming I’m a plate of sashimi? Never assume what you see and feel is real! – Doreen, Chrono Trigger


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