Summer school is over! … and some other stuff :)

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Like… the latest song in my head. Sad Tango by Rain. (He’s so cool! And he’s an amazing dancer 🙂 )
Love this song. The music video for it has some awesome dancing too. Rain’s just too cool. Enough said.

Ahh… after three weeks, 98 hours of class, and a 3 hour exam, summer has really come!
So relaxing… now I can wake up late in the mornings! (or even in the afternoons!) Awesome! lol

Anyway, I thought I’d talk about the latest Bleach and Naruto chapters because… I feel like it. do I really need a reason? But before that…

If you’re not up to date with these mangas,

Okay? Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Go shield your eyes! Well, I will try to avoid major spoilers but the pictures will definitely be spoilers (duh).

Naruto First. Chapter 408 (Fukusaku’s Proposal), if you’re wondering. So yeah, Naruto’s just being his usual impulsive and annoying self… but he’s getting more training. His trainers are just getting cooler and cooler! First Jiraiya (okay, I personally don’t think he’s that cool but i was still sad when he…), then Kakashi (if you don’t think he’s cool, there’s something wrong with you. Someone who’s excuse for being late is being lost on the road of life obviously has such an aloof attitude he has to be cool and badass.) and now the frog sage, Fukusaku! Well, I don’t know if he’s cooler than Kakashi, but he’s a sage and that has to count for something. Right? But yeah… this is a lot of training… has Naruto actually gained much out of it so far? I can’t really tell.
Speaking of coolness, Sasuke’s new sharingan is awesome. It looks like a star-atom thingy. Here’s a
picture of it.

He is definitely cool but the biggest turn-off is his emo-ness and of course, he went to the dark side. But still, I’m slightly confused. I thought the only bijuu (tailed beast) left was Naruto? lol I guess they need another sub-quest.

Now to Bleach. (Chapter 317, Six Hearts Will Beat As One).
Before I start, I just want to say I liked the going back in time stuff. I was getting a bit scared when it started at -108 (is that a symbolic number? All I’m thinking of it Lost…) so I was wondering if it would go all the way to 0, but so far, it looks like they’re taking a break. We’ll probably end up going back and forth to give more suspense (like Lost!) plus I wanna see Ichigo’s dad as a soul reaper again! And maybe they’ll show more stuff with him and the Quincy battles. That’ll be interesting.
Okay, now onto the chapter.
Well, all we really see is a two-second reunion after Ichigo almost gets stampeded by a few dozen exequias (I’m guessing some lower level of the arrancars. Google translate says it means funeral?) But Orihime does say a nice (albeit cheesy like the chapter title) line before Ulquiorra totally pwns her philosophically à la Mayuri Kurotsuchi (go read Bleach chapter 306).

Well, that’s enough for now. My longest post yet!
I prefer to write shorter posts because for one, it’s not as much to read and it stops me from going too far off-topic (doesn’t work at all).

Song : 9.9/10

(Well, I can’t really say it’s on par with Death Note… but close!)
Naruto chapter: 8/10
Good, not amazing.
Bleach chapter: 8/10

Random Quote: Maybe it’s impossible to feel exactly the same as someone else, but you can treasure your friends and keep them close in your heart. I think that’s what it means to make your hearts as one. – Orihime, Bleach, chapter 317, page 19


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