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or Princess either. But that will come eventually when I get a Wii…

So, after a number of recommendations (more than 3) and a few weeks of laziness, I finally got a copy of the book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I have to admit, when I picked it up at the book store, I was getting a bit scared by its size. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t particularly like books (aside from those with pictures… i.e. manga) and only reads them when necessary (meaning school) or with a few recommendations. Also, when I do pick to read a book for “leisure” (like if I have to pick one for a book report or something), I keep to a limit of no more than 300 pages. I don’t just not like reading. I’m slow. I’d like to get it over with as quickly as possible, especially if it’s boring. But I have to say that length doesn’t completely bother me if the book holds my interest. The longer it is means that feeling of excitement lasts longer too, right?

Well, back to the book. Don’t worry, no spoilers here. Unless you didn’t know this series is about a vampire romance? Well, now you know. Hehe…

Anyway, I’ll tell you right now this book grabbed my attention. I bought it yesterday and finished it an hour ago, all 498 pages of it. I think that’s the fastest I’ve read anything. (Well, there are some manga series around 15 chapters that I’ve finished in one day… but there are pictures…) But it was great. I liked how this was different from the regular vampire novel. For example, if you hadn’t read the back of the book, you wouldn’t even know it was about vampires until the confirmation of it in the ninth chapter. I liked how it was more about the tension between the main characters and not so much about the actual plot. There is no real enemy until around two thirds through the book. But it just meant more time for character development, which I think is pretty important. Another important thing I liked was that it was all quite fast-paced. There was nothing random added in and everything was important to creating the image of these characters. I love Edward and Bella’s conversations, partially because I think Edward always has the coolest and most clever replies to Bella’s constant questions. It’s pretty impressive. And I like how this book focuses more on the struggles of having a vampire/human romance. It makes it seems very realistic to me, as much as it could be.

Heh, and this is probably something I just did, but I noticed the few times they talked about a moot point, and I just couldn’t stop myself from laughing. Every time I hear that word, I just think of Joey from Friends thinking of it as a moo point, and that it was as meaningless as a cow’s opinion. And then Rachel would go, “Have I been living with Joey too long, or did that just make sense?” I crack up every time I hear that word. It’s pretty awesome 🙂

Anyway, one thing I didn’t quite like is that the main character, Bella, is not your regular damsel in distress. She’s worse. Just as Edward once says to her, “You’re not a magnet for accidents – that’s not a broad enough classification. You are a magnet for trouble. If there is anything dangerous within a ten-mile radius, it will invariably find you.” Not just that, but she is brave when it comes to dangerous things yet cowardly when it comes to unimportant things. That impulsiveness almost drove me crazy. And I’m pretty sure you can guess who the dominant one is in the relationship? The guy. I have to tell you that I’m getting sick of the guy saving the day and making all the decisions in the relationship. I see this a lot, especially in fantasy stories, and I feel like all of this is outdated or something. Why can’t the girl save the day and have a say? This usually only happens if the whole main cast is girls, and at that point, you can tell the story will almost definitely be a cheesy love story. Why can’t there be a deep and meaningful story with a heroine? Are girls not clever or cool enough or something? Maybe I need to read more stories? If you know of anything that fits into the “girl power but not cheesy” category, please tell me. Thanks! (And sorry for the rant at the end…)

Edit: After some thought, I think that only Claymore and Tokyo Crazy Paradise fit the description. Any other thoughts?

Oh, and I’m going to go get New Moon, the second installment in The Twilight Saga tomorrow. 🙂

Random quote: I read manga to reassure me in my faith of true love and happily ever afters. Jasonbear‘s sig



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  1. Yeah that part about Bella is annoying. I still love her to death though because she says whats on her mind(most of the time) and is honest.

  2. Yeah she can be very irritating but she stays true to herself. That’s pretty important I guess lol. It is but it doesn’t change the fact that she is annoying. She definitely gets better by the third and fourth books though.

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