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Well, sorta… I still have a few more days before school starts so I thought I’d write a little something. Oh and I’m not reading too much news on Final Fantasy XIII or Kingdom Hearts:Birth By Sleep, 358/2 Days or Coded because now I feel like it’s getting to be too much of spoilage for me. Some intriguing stuff at the beginning was cool but I don’t want to really know what happens unless I can get to play the game right now. I hate that suspense… that also why if I’m going to pick up a new anime or manga, I’d prefer if it was complete so I don’t go crazy at the possible cliffhangers. That’s totally something I would do and have done.

Anyway, it’s after midnight here, so I thought “Hmm. There’s a new daily Gamefaqs poll up.” So I went to take a look, and what’s this? Something about a Square-Enix/Tecmo merger? So I started googling around to see what was going on and I just couldn’t get over some of these article titles:

Square Enix Plans To Take Over Tecmo
Okay. That’s a perfectly normal title.
Square Enix President Discusses “Friendly” Tecmo Takeover
Okay… taking a darker turn but still normal for an attracting article title.
Forum Topic Title: Square-Enix-Tecmo? Square-Tecmo-Enix? Squenicmo?
Interesting combinations? Haha… no.
(And then in the topic, someone said,”Squick-mo? I prefer Squeemo”)
Square Enix Wants to Gobble Tecmo Games
… Gobble? Is SE a chicken? (Hehe… gobble.)
Square Enix casting Takeoveraga on Tecmo
Haha this was pretty good. Now SE is a mage casting not Takeover, not Takeovera, but Takeoveraga! But I’m pretty sure SE still has tons of MP left. πŸ™‚

So yeah, back to the Gamefaqs poll. For “which mash-up would you most like to see from a Square-Enix / Tecmo merger”, I chose “Ryu Hayabusa vs. Cloud Strife in a battle to the death”, but when I was searching around I found a site talking about Dead Fantasy, which I thought had a nice ring to it. Whether it would be better than an awesome battle between Ryu and Cloud, I don’t know, but it sounds cool. I’d buy it πŸ™‚ And not just because it’s part Final Fantasy, but the name appeals to me. RPG’s have awesome names, don’t they? Well, tons of games have awesome names, but if it’s an RPG, it will almost definitely have an awesome name, especially if it’s good.

Oh and I don’t mean to get political, but I just want to say that McCain’s choice for VP was… interesting… Come on. Sarah Palin? (People on the news couldn’t even pronounce her name for a while. Speaking of names, she has… interesting names for her kids. Would you name your kid Bristol (like the place in England?), Track (and field?), or Trig? (Trig…onometry?) Or all three?) If he wanted to choose a woman, I’m sure there were better candidates. And all the woman she praised in her speech were democrats, so I don’t really know what she’s trying to do. Heck, I don’t have any idea what McCain is trying to do. Whatever it was, I’m pretty sure it backfired. But seriously, what do you expect from making someone to possibly be second-in-command of a huge country after meeting them once? And he accuses Obama of having bad judgment…
Overall, just a bad move.

Well, there’s goes my “little something” I planned on writing. Ehehe…
Oh and I’ve caught up on most of my stuff, so I think I’m just about on track! Yay!

Random Quote:
Lui: Is there some kind of secret entry word or something? Like, “Please take my grandfather’s name!” or “Take the place of the moon, punish me <3.” ?
Wil: Those are pickup lines…
– Lui asking how to get into Rapunzel’s tower, Ludwig Kakumei chapter 5

Hehe, love the shoutout to Sailor Moon.
What an awesome series…



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  1. hahaha, Takeoveraga!!

    Nice McCain/Palin rant. That woman has issues. Did you hear about her pregnant teenage daughter? She also wants polar bears to die, from what I hear.

  2. Yes, I did recently hear about her daughter. I hear they’re trying to go for the “pro-life” side of it now and try not to focus on the evangelical pro-abstinence side of things. But this is because she’s against sex education. If they don’t know what’s wrong with it or if there even is anything wrong with it, what makes you think they won’t try it? Sounds like a paradox to me. Just like half the other things in politics.
    And polar bears dying? … But they’re so cute!
    Hehe… Sorry about the rant πŸ™‚

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