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SE Announces KH Re:Chain of Memories for NA!

Need I say more?
No, but I will anyway.

Re:CoM (on the PS2) is having a North American release on December 2nd for $29.99 (USD)!
I’m so excited! Now we know that all those past rumours are now, in fact, true. That’s awesome!
And it’ll be out in time for Xmas! (hint hint)
Well, I actually already have a few other things I want… (a PSP and Crisis Core) but we’ll see.

On another note, the annual Gamefaqs Character Battle has begun! This year, my sister and I actually decided to enter in a bracket so it’s even more important to vote everyday this time. I personally don’t have any expectations to win. It’s just fun, but getting a prize is always a lovely bonus lol.

And, once again, I seem to have forgotten that today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Yes, mateys! Aye, today be the day where ye may be forced to walk the plank! Kay no, I can’t do it. It doesn’t sound cool when I try… boo.

And apparently I was misinformed (it happens a lot. What can you do…) but apparently, the scientists have just successfully blasted the particle beams and have yet to do the colliding in the LHC. My bad. Fine. We are still at a “possible” risk of dying due to the creation of a black hole. But if almost 8000 scientists engineers think this experiment is safe to do, is there really anything to worry about? And don’t you think these people would have made sure what they are doing is safe after spending about a billion dollars on it? Whatever. Don’t answer that if you don’t want to. You are free to think what you want to but I’m just telling you you’re wrong. I, for one, am interested in seeing what the results of the experiments are. 🙂

So, I was looking for a magical girl anime to watch (even though I’m still behind on a bunch of other stuff, but that’s besides the point) so I picked up Neo Angelique Abyss. After the first episode, I guess I’m excited for the reverse harem (they’re always cool. Oh and it’s “reverse” because there’s one girl.) but I can see this kind of getting out of hand with their use of the Mary Sue. I mean, I understand that it kind of is a given in all magical girl plots, but even I think this was going a bit overboard. I’ll continue with the series (the first season is only 13 eps) unless it becomes unbearable, which is possible. Once again, we’ll see.

Well, nothing too big happened this week (except for Re:CoM being announced!), so I may just end this here.

Later, mateys!

Okay… I should just stop trying.

Random Quote: “Anyway, fighting off a dozen ninjas is easy. It’s when you run into one ninja that you know you’re in trouble.” – Diana Peacock, Star Harbor Nights

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