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Current song in my head: Duvet by Bôa

A fabulous song. Love it!

So many shows this week!
Well, not that many.

Let’s count: Heroes, Fringe, Grey’s Anatomy, me catching up on Naruto and Bleach and finishing Neo Angelique Abyss, picking up Neo Angelique Abyss ~Second Age~ as well as Wellber no Monogatari.

Okay yeah… that’s a lot. But I’m managing somehow 🙂

Oh yeah. And I have to make room for new shows coming in October like Vampire Knight Guilty and Skip Beat which I definitely plan to watch (and maybe Gundam 00‘s second season) and other new ones that I may start watching. And I’d like to somewhere in all that find time to start Code Geass (I didn’t know it was CLAMP!) and Macross Frontier… Oh and Chuck, Private Practice, and Life (which I’m also planning to get into) are back next week. And I still need to catch up on Smallville. But that’s _low_ on my priority list right now lol.

Umm… I need to cut this list down A LOT… somehow…

Anyway, once again, I will avoid those current problems that keep building up and give a few of my thoughts on Neo Angelique Abyss (the first season) which I finished earlier this week. I know I was worried before that it would be overly a Mary Sue-style series, but it worked out in the end. It was still very much a Mary Sue, but I don’t think it went overboard (for my tastes). For comparison, it’s not as much of a Mary Sue as Sailor Moon. Now that’s a classic Mary Sue, but it works in that case. Anyway, the characters were great (and beautiful) but they all ended up having some sort of emotional baggage which was kind of repetitive. Everyone has issues but at least some people are naive and innocent. Not in this anime. But this did add a lot to the character development, so that was fine. Ending-wise, I’ll say it right now, it was horrendous. If there was no second season, no matter how good the first 12 episodes were, I would have still given it a -2/10. Thank goodness for the continuation. To try to explain it without giving too much of a spoiler, (okay it is a spoiler but what can you do) it would be like the playing the first half of Final Fantasy VI but stopping right before jumping off the Flying Continent. It’s like that but with added betrayal making it so much worse. Yeah. Wrap your head around that for a second. So naturally, I had to start watching the second season. I’ve just started, so I’m not going to say much about it for now.

Looks like Bleach is about to end its filler arc so that’s good. I’m interested to see how they’re going to explain why they’re randomly going to go back to Hueco Mundo though. It’s like “Oh, we still didn’t finish what we were supposed to do there… I guess we should go do that now… right?” As for Naruto, I like watching Naruto’s training, but I don’t really wanna watch the upcoming battle because it’s going to be sad… for those of you who’ve read the manga, you know what I’m talking about. Why do shows randomly kill off the cool characters? Gah.

So I just watched the first episode of the new season of Heroes (season 3) and that was Crazy! lol and I like how the dna/helix-like symbol has now been incorporated with the globe. That was pretty cool.

I’m about to get into Heroes spoilers so if you don’t want to get spoiled, skip this paragraph.

Now some things make more sense (like how and why Nathan was shot). And they tried to make future Claire as badass as future Peter, but that didn’t quite work in my opinion. Tight leather is not the only defining quality of a badass, and that’s basically all they gave her. Anyway, I’m left with a few questions: Where did the present Peter go? (Edit: I realized he’s stuck in the bad guy’s body in Level 5) Where/what time period is Matt in? And we don’t know what the half of the formula can do nor who has the other half but I don’t think it would be the formula to give normal people powers since Suresh has already figured that out pretty easily (by the way, super strength was totally unoriginal plus Niki already has it) And it seems that the future Peter has his scar again, so he gets it later now? Or was that to make it easier to differentiate between the two so they put that back in? And what’s up with speedy girl? All this and more will hopefully be explained in episodes to come! I’m excited! But yeah, this show is interesting in that I don’t really know where it is going. Even though we see glimpses of the future, the characters keep changing it so we never really know what will happen. And Sylar’s immortal now! The only way to kill him will be to kill him in the past before he’s immortal… Hmmm…

And so I also watched the second episode of Fringe (I keep wanting to say The Fringe) and wow. Just Wow. That’s all I can say. That was creepy but cool. Just… crazy.

Anyway, Grey’s is taking its sweet time downloading… so I don’t think I’ll end up watching it today. Too bad…

So… the US presidential debate is going on as I write this (yes I’m writing this part beforehand since I didn’t finish watching half of my shows until after this) and I’m watching (random parts of) it on HD CNN which has like a scoreboard for McCain and Obama on the sides by CNN analysts as an HD extra (they have the extra screen space, why not use it?) and whenever I go to check it, Obama seems to be in the lead for most of them. (yay?) Also, that audience reaction thing at the bottom seems completely fake to me. They can probably guess the audience’s reaction, but I doubt they can do it accurately to get a political party breakdown of it. That’s a bit much in my opinion.

Anyway, I can’t listen to anymore of this US politics and I don’t even watch the news that much. Gah. Why is the world so screwed up. (That was a rhetorical question, although I can think of a few possible answers…)

Holy… this was a long post lol

Random Quote: I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires. – Susan B. Anthony


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