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And… Happy 33rd Anniversary, SNL!

I realized I didn’t talk about this last week, but I finished Neo Angelique Abyss ~Second Age~ and… well, let’s just say the first one was much better. To me, it felt like the pace was really slow and I know character development is important to a good show, but I think this was overkill. The first season managed to keep a balance while doing this, but I felt this time, it was just overdone, and it was done for basically all the important characters in the show, including some of which I didn’t. And adding to the fact that a certain character (who will not be named for MAJOR spoiler reasons) was not there most of the time, it just felt kind of empty, and it wasn’t really a happy ending. I mean it was, don’t get me wrong, nobody died, but… Well, it didn’t leave a good feeling in me after watching it.

So… for marking this season only (not the first season, those scores would be much higher)
Overall: 7
Story: 6
Animation: 8
Sound: 8
Character: 7
Enjoyment: 7

So yeah! I watched the first episode of Vampire Knight Guilty and it was pretty good! Gorgeous, as usual. I still can’t wait for Yuuki to get her long hair. It looks so much better that way. There was slightly less angst, so that was great lol. It’s totally not this angsty in the manga, but somehow, that’s what the anime adaptation seems to be focusing on. I don’t know why… but anyway, they are still following the manga (some scene orders might be slightly varied but I haven’t read this part of the manga in a while) so that’s great. Sometimes, diverging from the manga can be really good (like Pretear or Fullmetal Alchemist, although I have not read the manga for FMA but I am told it is quite different but still good) but sometimes it’s better to just “remake” the manga. Actually, I’m looking over the corresponding manga chapters and they kept the main idea but changed the feelings around… Kaname and Yuuki never had that ‘childish’ conversation which was weird. And I’m still waiting for the Kaname vs. Zero fight! I hope they go back to that since it looks like they kind of skipped that scene… boo! I was really looking forward to that! Anyway, I like where this is going and I can’t wait for the life-changing secrets to be revealed. I want Yuuki’s hair to be long NOW! It looks so much better long and they tease us by even putting a picture of it at the end of the opening theme song! And by the way, the songs are amazing as usual. They kept the same band that did the first season op for the new op and similarly for the ending. But I guess that’s almost where the manga is now… so are they going to slow it down or make some fillers? I have a feeling it may lead towards both since they were able to stretch around 21 or so chapters in 13 episodes, so they could probably do the same again. Anyway, can’t wait for the next episode!

So far… (after one ep)
Overall: 9
Story: 10
Animation: 10
Sound: 10
Character: 9
Enjoyment: 9

And Skip Beat was fabulous! The only expectation it may not have lived up to was the animation, which was kind of sad since that’s one of the main attractions to an anime adaptation, but so far, everything else is good so I may look over it. I was so excited for the portrayal of Kyoko’s demons and I was glad they turned out so well! lol. And I laughed my head off at the Sho-as-a-prince picture. That was just too funny! And they are following the manga quite faithfully which makes me even more excited for some of the upcoming arcs, particularly the PV arc (which is absolutely gorgeous) and the Dark Moon arc, where Kyoko is even more amazing than usual, if that’s possible. Throughout the series, she just gets better and better. I’m so happy she’s not the usual damsel-in-distress, which does get repetitive. The way it’s going, it looks like it might be around 1-2 chapters per episode, so it will still be a long way until the arcs I mentioned above, but I’m still looking forward to all the other stuff and I see no reason why they would rush or slow the pace down, since the manga is over 20 volumes (it seems like a lot, but it’s still not enough lol). Anyway, I’m a little bit worried since I have yet to see a steady group subbing this… hopefully it’s just the start-of-season chaos and it will get better? Well, I can’t wait for the next ep!

So far… (after one ep)
Overall: 10
Story: 10
Animation: 9
Sound: 10
Character: 10
Enjoyment: 10

On a totally random sidenote, I’m not really a Mac person but one thing they definitely did right was GarageBand, so I’ve been trying to find a PC substitute. I came across this one by Acoustica called Mixcraft, and with a few changes in colours, it looks exactly the same. So I thought, “Wow! That’s awesome!” So I’m using it now and it’s pretty cool. I’m just using it for the trial because I wanted to trim off the beginning and end of this song I was listening to, but I recommend this for those who liked GarageBand!

Random Quote: I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty. –Imelda Marcos
(I’m pretty sure I heard that she had light-up stilettos and a bulletproof bra too? lol)


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