Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving, my Canadian friends!

Ah… long weekends are awesome! But I really hate the couple of teachers who gave me homework… Sheesh! They really know how to ruin a weekend. Grr…

Latest song in my head: Going Home, from Bleach

(Don’t mind the picture… I don’t know what it is)
But it’s such a beautiful song! And obviously, that means it’s most likely a sad song too. But… it’s so pretty! It’s making me melt…

So… I watched the first episode of Kuroshitsuji, and it was great! I had read the first chapter of the manga, so I kind of had an idea where it was going, but I didn’t realize they would take such a dark path. The mood was wonderfully switched back an forth between light and funny to dark and creepy. It’s pretty obvious that there’s something more to that butler (if the red eyes and the fact he ambiguously said that he was a demon didn’t tip you off, I have no idea what will) and I’m quite interested to see more about what happened to Ciel’s parents. And the voice cast is amazing! Maaya Sakamoto and Daisuke Ono never fail to do their jobs fabulously. Sakamoto seems to do the uncaring young boy’s voice quite well and Ono just has to do a more polite version of his previous character, Kazuma from Kaze no Stigma. Anyway, from reading the first chapter, I didn’t expect it to be quite so dark. But it’s a good dark I guess, evil but cool lol. Anyway, I will be sticking with this show for now. Can’t wait for more!

After one ep…
Overall 8
Story 8
Animation 8
Sound 8
Character 8
Enjoyment 8

And… I realized Funimation put the first two episodes of Ouran Host Club on their site, so I decided to watch them! The dub itself isn’t half bad, but the opening song… The song is great, but the singing… was not. Sorry, I know it’s a hard song to sing, but that was just not good. I’m sure there are tons of great singers and a bunch of voice actors have great voices too so I don’t think it should have been that hard to find someone who could sing the song well enough. The dub of the ending song was much better. That’s how the english version of a song should be, basically the same style of voice and different words. And I’m glad they kept some things from the Japanese like “Senpai” and obviously the names and their correct pronunciation.
But… what’s “bullcrap”? I’ve heard of some strange words to avoid profanity and all, but that’s a new one for me. They should have just left it at bull. Speaking of which, I love that they kept the line “filthy, rich jerks”. That was priceless!
Anyway, it looks like this dub is going very well. I’m glad this amazing show was not butchered. Yay!

After two English eps…
Overall 10
Story 9
Animation 10
Sound 9
Character 10
Enjoyment 10

And, for some reason or another, I found myself watching Itazura na Kiss. And I swear, until the 14th episode when some REAL progress was finally made, I kept thinking to myself, “Why am I watching this show?” I realized it was probably because I heard some pretty good review about it and decided to see what it was about… and I was not impressed. It’s basically about a girl who ends up living with the guy who rejected her love letter/confession. Talk about every girl’s worst nightmare. Skip Beat comes to mind, but the thing is, this show takes the “regular” shoujo turn. Unlike in Skip Beat where Kyoko takes revenge on Sho, Itazura na Kiss would be the equivalent to Kyoko still trying to get back together with Sho, but getting humiliated and feeling miserable in the process. Sure, there are some cute moments, but it’s like 3 in every 100 moments and 2 of them are the protagonist Kotoko’s dreams, so they’re not even real. I’m at episode 16, which I still can’t believe, and unless something really good happens in episode 17, I’m dropping this. I’ll admit the last few episodes were so much better because stuff actually happened, but it’s too late for a show when that only starts happening halfway through a show. This show is basically everything I hate in any story; miserable humiliation due to an unrequited love in a high school (and then university) situation. Ah… the embarassment and masochism… I can’t handle it!

So, after 16 of 25 episodes…
Overall 7
Story 6
Animation 7
Sound 7
Character 6
Enjoyment 7

Just so you know, these scores would be much lower if it was only counting the first 13 episodes. It got better after that, but still not that much.

Random Quote:
Susan Elgin: Edward is so perfect – you’ve ruined regular men for a lot of teens. Do you feel bad?
Stephenie Meyer: Oh, a little bit, I guess. I just wanted to write for myself, a fantasy. And that’s what Edward is. But it could be a good thing, too. There’s nothing wrong with having high expectations, right?
Stephenie Meyer being interviewed about Edward from the Twilight Saga.


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