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Anyway, so I’m seeing tons of new trailers and stuff coming out for the next three games in the Kingdom Hearts series (but really two because Coded’s not peaking my interest right now… unless they decide to do what they did with Final Fantasy Agito XIII and put it on mobile and later PSP) but as I said before, I’m trying not to spoil myself too soon so I’m avoiding most of it. I couldn’t help but go take a look at what Xion looks like. 🙂 And well, I can think of two people she looks like… (Hint: one has blue hair and the other one’s name means ocean) And we’ve been getting some names for the Fabula Nova Crystalis games of Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII, including Lightning, Sera/Sarah, and now Snow from FFXIII and Noctis and Stella from Versus (whose names mean “of the night” and “star” in latin). And it’s nice to see they’re keeping the weather-related names lol. So there’s been a lot of stuff going on! That’s always cool.

So… the subs for Hakushaku to Yousei came out recently, so I decided to take a look because it seemed interesting enough and it has a FABULOUS voice cast (Mizuki Nana, Midorikawa Hikaru and Miyano Mamoru). So anyway, set in 19th century England, this story is about a “fairy doctor”, or a fairy medium named Lydia Carlton and how she meets Edgar, who is a descendent of the leader of the Fairy Nation and needs to find the Sword of the Merrow to prove his lineage.

Sounds like your average “Let’s band together to find the treasure!” plot where it’s likely the main couple will end up together. The thing is, right off the bat, it doesn’t look that way. Lydia is a sweet and innocent girl who happens to be the only fairy doctor around anymore to help the “refined villain” (as the first episode is named) Edgar who happens to be a handsome murderer who is very much an “ends justify the means” kind of guy. He at first makes it seem like he is saving her when he is really kidnapping her. He may look good and have an awesome voice, but personality trumps all of that (most of the time). And right now, he seems like a very persuasive guy whose gentle side only comes out when he’s lying to the public. That being said, he’s still a very interesting character to watch. From the theme song, we can see a lot of bishies joining the cast that looks like a reverse harem, so I can’t wait for more!

So far, after one ep.
Overall 8
Story 7
Animation 8
Sound 8
Character 8
Enjoyment 8

And I also watched the first episode of Special A (Yes I realize this isn’t that new, but it finished like a month ago, so it’s still fairly new to me at least), after seeing it as a recommendation for a number of shows I liked. And it wasn’t half bad. Of course, it involves the random events that happen around the top 7 people in the school, hence the class name Special A. The main girl, Hikari is constantly second to her childhood rival Kei Takishima, who is actually in love with her but she’s too dense (and has a one-track mind of revenge on him) to notice. This seems like a pretty good premise with a good cast of varied characters with their own running gags in an uber rich school (it might almost trump Ouran’s school because they have a whole greenhouse/resting area specifically for the elite 7… although Ouran has chandeliers in their hallways and fancy red carpet and a clock tower… okay no. NOTHING beats Ouran Academy). So yeah, it looks good so far, but as some people have noted, Hikari’s voice just doesn’t fit. I haven’t even read the manga to really know what her personality (and therefore her voice) should be like, but I can tell that I just don’t like the way the seiyuu acts as her. I notice it especially when she yells. Maybe, it’s too low a voice for this enthusiastic and determined girl? I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something about it that I just can’t… like. I hope this won’t annoy me too much in later episodes. Oh, and I heard that Kei’s hair was originally blonde? I wonder why they changed it… And the characters have… very long legs? lol it kind of reminds me of Tsubasa animation. Otherwise, this was a pretty good first episode. But the dramatic removal of Kei’s tie was… uncalled for lol. And how does taking off your tie unbutton your shirt? Or was it just never buttoned up to begin with… lol I’m just being nit-picky with the melodramatic elements of a shoujo series. 🙂

So far, after one ep.
Overall 9
Story 7
Animation 9
Sound 8
Character 9
Enjoyment 9

Hehe… I keep adding new shows to my list… but I’ll manage somehow, right?

Random Quote:
Hidan: Hey, don’t tell me we’re after this guy for money. Killing a priest is like a one-way ticket to hell.
Kakuzu: Even hell runs on money. I’d be fine.
Naruto Shippuuden episode 73


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