Weekends are awesome! Unless…

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So it’s the weekend again! Awesome!

But… tomorrow I have an eye doctor appointment… *shudders*
If I haven’t said this already, I am ommatophobic, or simply I am afraid everything to do eyes. Yes. And it’s an actual phobia because I realized just recently when I was forced to wear liquid eyeliner and mascara that I… didn’t feel well. (Although I’m pretty sure that was not the only reason, it was a BIG reason) And what’s even worse, is that this year I’ll have to get eyedrops. It’s the one you’re supposed to get every two years that make your pupils get big and dilated for a good 3-4 hours and it makes you more sensitive to light and it’s blurry… and it’s scary! Actually, I was supposed to get them last year since that was the odd year, but I got out of it because I told my eye doctor that I had a lot fo work to do. (Which was TOTALLY TRUE! It just happened to have other benefits…) Anyway, I don’t think I can get out of it this time, so I’m kind of dreading the time passing as I get closer and closer to tomorrow…

If only I could… stop time?

This song is called Jikan yo Tomare (or Stop the Time) by AZU featuring Seamo. It’s the second ending song for Itazura na Kiss, which I somehow did end up finishing. And, it was not satisfying. It’s one thing to have a damsel in distress, one thing to have a clumsy, head over heels in love girl, and one thing to have an extremely cold and cruel genius who has never had trouble with anything in his life before, but it’s A WHOLE OTHER THING when you put all of this together. Even when they do realize their mutual love for each other, he’s still completely ice cold to her that it’s just so embarrassing and humiliating for her… Albeit there are some sweet moments, but as I said before, they’re one in a hundred. Or did I say one in a thousand? Hmm… I’m not even sure if they have had a thousand moments together so I’m gonna go with a hundred.
Anyway, I totally went off track again… so anyway, this song is probably one of the reasons I kept watching this show. It was a really nice song. Hearing at the end of each episode made me feel like those past 20 minutes weren’t a total waste of my time… meh, who am I kidding. That was blah. But anyway, it’s a cute song.

And… I haven’t been able to find subs for more episodes of Kuroshitsuji yet… so sad 😦
I guess I’ll just have to be more patient…
but they’re already on episode 4…!
Patience… patience… is a virtue… I do not have…

But… need… to… stop… time…! Help!

Random Quote:
“I would imagine if you could understand Morse Code, a tap dancer would drive you crazy. ”
– Mitch Herberg (RIP)


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