Ah… my eyes!

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Oh god. It was worse than I imagined. There were two different sets of eyedrops. TWO!
I know you probably think I’m exaggerating, but I’m not kidding. I was shaking. The first one stung (but it was not as bad as balsamic vinegar… wait, I’ve had balsamic vinegar in my eye? Yes… unfortunately… numerous times too… god that hurt… I need to mix my salads in bigger bowls…) and then the second one started to make me sensitive to light and a bit blurry. And then my eyes got heavy and it felt really weird to close my eyes… *shudders* I don’t want to think about it anymore. But anyway, the more important thing to know is that I won’t have to get it done for another two years! Yay! Oh, and for the first time in my life, I was prescribed glasses. It’s just a slight adjustment so I don’t need to wear them everyday, but they’ll be nice to have. It’s gonna be weird to start carrying them around though… I’m so not used to it! And in case you didn’t realize, there’s no way I’m EVER going to wear contacts, for hopefully by now obvious reasons.

Anyway, so as you know, I’ve been watching Skip Beat and Vampire Knight Guilty (which have been going very well by the way) and I’ve noticed something recurring that’s maybe kind of random but weird? I don’t really know, but I’m going to call it stone gazing. Yes. Picking up some sort of small object and looking at it, perhaps reminiscing or looking at its beautiful glow in the light.

Take a look at this screenshot from episode 3 of Skip Beat of Kyoko…

… and this one of Aidou from episode 3 of Vampire Knight Guilty.
And while we’re at it, why don’t we get Roxas and the gang from KH2 in here too?

(sorry about the low quality on this one… I could only find this from a Youtube video so…)

So what is with this strange fascination of stone gazing?

Well, for one thing, it looks cool. Aesthetics are huge in any show/game. But that’s still not much of an explanation. There probably is no definite answer, but one possible reason is for dramatic effect. It replaces that pause when you’re just zooming in randomly on a person’s face (even though they still do that in situations like this, but at least you can see the reason they are just staring off) and it seems to indicate the object has a deeper meaning and its connection to another person. In VKG, Aidou is staring at the marble (I’m not sure what it is, but I’m guessing it’s a marble) because it reminds him of the start of his friendship with Kaname. In KH2, it’s the object that serves as “evidence” to Roxas and the others’ friendship. In Skip Beat, it’s the object that always cheers up Kyoko and to try no to spoil too much for the anime-only watchers, it was specially given to her by an old friend.
I’m really just looking for connections here (or looking deeper than necessary) since I just noticed this randomly and thought “Is this really a coincidence or a plot device? With my knowledge of tropes for just about anything, I’m gonna go with plot device.” But I can’t figure out what it might be called since it’s not as important as a plot coupon or a MacGuffin… Anyway… I’ll find out one day… maybe lol

Random Quote: (lol this one’s kinda long)
Ludwig: I feel like you’re holding some personal grudge against me, but I don’t know what for.
Julius: It’s not me… it’s the woman… who you betrayed.
Ludwig: A woman? You mean Princess Angelica from Barbara country?
Julius: NO!
Ludwig: Hm… Zenrumash country’s Bertina?
Ludwig: The sheperdess Nideena? Isberga the dancer?
Julius: No! NOOO!!
Ludwig: Iris, Aisha, Gusenia, Turka, Anna, Nicola, Isabel, Nanca, Alyssa, Jocunde, Yvonne, Ricarda, Marhen, Greta, Rydiel, Michaela, Annica, Octavia, Nykie, Selma, Simone, Sietella or Meita? (It couldn’t be Amalie…)
Julius: You’re… You’re the enemy of all women!! Your presence should be illegal!! You violate all kinds of laws even by just existing! Someone! Arrest him!
Ludwig Kakumei, chapter 14

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