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Well, another week has gone by.
How was your Halloween? Nothing too eventful for me. I guess I’m not that spirited lol
Well, there’s daylight savings time tomorrow, so we gain an hour (of sleep!) , so yay! that’s always cool.

Anyway, I was watching some shows (as I usually do on weekends) and I have to say I love the humour in Fringe. It’s not over-the-top, but it’s still really cool. And I think Peter’s sarcasm is awesome. He’s by far the coolest character on the show. And speaking of cool characters, Pete from Private Practice just got cooler too with a peak into his past and how he used to be with Doctors Without Borders and how is name is also, (coincidentally?) actually Peter. I haven’t watched this week’s Heroes yet (or last week’s, for that matter. That’s next on my list) but I’m hoping there’ll be something that’ll make him be even more badass, but I’m not sure after what happened to him recently… Oh! And another cool character that showed up this week was Owen Hunt on Grey’s Anatomy who may seem rude and horrible, but he’s just blunt lol. Ah… you gotta love the badasses or potential ones. 🙂

On another note, I watched this week’s Skip Beat which has been living up to my expectations. It’s going quite well and it’s hilarious as always. And even though before I was complaining how the animation didn’t look that great, I think they made up for it with their gorgeous backgrounds. Like so:
(click to enlarge)

Ugh, the thumbnails don’t look that great but the backgrounds of the pictures are really pretty! I’m a sucker for super shiny sparkly stuff and flowers lol. How can you not like it? That’s one of the best parts of anime: exaggerated moments with funky and cool backgrounds to match. We still have yet to see Ren’s dazzling (lying) smile… I’m so excited for that! Oh! And guess what’s in the next episode? The Ash Tray Scene! Yes, I know that sounds weird, but it’s basically the scene when Ren and Sho meet (otherwise known as the ash tray scene). It’s frickin’ amazing. They are both cool, but Sho tries to make himself cooler while Ren doesn’t even have to try. Ren is awesome. And I’m glad the pace is better than some shows… *coughVampireKnightcough* (although VK is getting better…) but I guess I’m still anxious because I know all the good stuff that’s going to come soon and much later on. I can’t wait!

Oh and have you heard about Sarah Palin’s prank call? Here’s a transcript. It’s hilarious. How does she not know the name of the Prime Minister of Canada and how there is no Prime Minister of Quebec? Apparently she knows more about her other neighbour than the one that’s actually next to her lol.

Random quote: I refuse to believe that the afterlife is run by you! The universe is not so badly designed. – Captain Picard about Q, Star Trek:TNG


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