What do you mean, it’s not symbolic?

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Well, maybe it is… but chances are I’m just thinking too much.
Confused? That’s okay! Keep reading and you might understand.
Why am I always so confusing? Maybe because I can’t stay on topic? Makes sense…

Here’s a song for you. Yep, you guessed it. It’s an opening to an anime. This time it’s Stray from Wolf’s Rain.

Ah… great song. I need to finish that show… it’s on hold right now lol

Anyway, I’m very glad that I’ve caught up with some more Kuroshitsuji! This show is an awesome dark comedy. Though more on the comedy lol. Omg Ciel as a girl! lol That was fricking hilarious! And the corset scene… they just love hinting at the yaoi, don’t they? It’s just hilarious. But anyway, being a bit more serious, I’m going to go into some symbolism…

This is a screenshot from the opening of the symbol on Sebastian’s hand and Ciel’s eye (Geass-style) that is proof of their contract. So… what does it say? Tontetragramma? Tragrammatonte? Tetragram sounds like a word… but then there’s “ton” and ma”… Did you mean tetragrammaton? Ding! I love it when search engines correct you. Sometimes it’s annoying, but for the most part, it’s quite helpful. So anyway, what is a tetragrammaton, you ask? It is Greek for ‘[word of] four letters’ refering to, יהוה, one of the names of the God of Israel (sometimes pronounced Yahweh or Jehovah, among other things). Anyway, my question is why is the symbol of God used for a contract with the Devil? Isn’t that… like the opposite of what it should be? I just thought that that was something interesting to mention. 🙂
Also, here’s another screenshot from the opening.

This is at the end of the opening when Ciel turns into a feather. Yes, I am not making this up. This brings up another point regarding the contract. So far, it’s known that Sebastian will stay by Ciel’s side and obey him forever, even beyond the grave, and in return Sebastian gets his soul. And the more noticeable the symbol, the stronger the connection. I can see how this is appealing for Ciel, but I don’t really see Sebastian’s reason for getting in on this deal. So now I have to babysit a 12-year-old for the rest of his existence? Oh and his soul is mine. Yay. How is that fun or good in any way? Maybe the soul will come into play later, but for right now, I don’t really see Sebastian’s reason for helping Ciel. Anyway, back to the picture (You mean you were actually going to talk about it? Yes.) I’m not sure if you can see it, but on the bottom of the stone bench there are the words Potentia Regere (by the feather… if you can see the feather lol) From what I found out, it basically means powerful guide. I’m guessing that refers to Sebastian to fits that description quite well lol. Anyway, this wasn’t too important but I decided to delve further and focus on the little things the writers try to put into their shows hoping that someone like me will pick them up and spend hours (not literally) trying to figure out what it means. This is probably how I get easily distracted lol

Oh and Obama won! Just thought I’d remind you in case you haven’t heard after the millions of times it’s been announced on TV, the Internet, and every other media source out there. Maybe I should say it again? Okay! Barack Obama is the next President of the United States of America! Sha-La! lol

Random Quote: When one person suffers from a delusion it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called religion. – Robert Pirsig
Haha I’m really showing off the atheism in me. 🙂



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  1. I have to say…i never thought i’d stymble upon this page when i was just searching google for a good pic of drocell(the puppet man that didnt complete elizabeth’s transformation into a complete mind controlled doll) i think you get the jist. Anyways i was looking for good markings like that of drocell’s and sebastian’s symbol of the contract and finding out it stands for one of the names of God is quite interesting so i’ll take note of it XD thank you. I’m actually having to do a project of painting a mask in anyway i want rather it be using it to make a scene magnified in one place or a number of reasons. Ha….sorry for the babble if it bothered you xD. And th words at the bottom of the stone bench…i really never noticed, though i did think that sebastian touching ciel’s shoulder then disappearing had something to do with ciel “eventually” having to give up his soul and disappearing from the face of the earth. Ha..i love that detail you caught your eye on that is something. Very…very interesting…

  2. *I’m thinking of using those symbols and putting them on each cheek and painting the remainder of the face with a variety of black and white variations of stripes and what not to make a sort of joker face like the Joker(i believe you know what i’m talking about which is in the kuroshitsuji manga and pardon me if not let me know):D

  3. lol that’s interesting… I make no mention to Drocell so that is kinda weird… but cool?
    And yeah Drocell’s symbol is very cool too. The top part looks like a fleur-de-lys and then the bottom is like a reflection of it but not quite… I just love the little details these people put into these things.
    That seems like a very cool project! Unfortunately I’m not creative so I can’t say if I painted a mask it would look presentable, but it seems like you know what you’re doing.
    And yeah I think you’re right about how Ciel turning into a feather has to do with him giving up his soul since birds are often used as metaphors for souls (and I’m guessing it’s a bird’s feather. Perhaps a raven’s? lol that gets into even more symbolism. But I guess it being black is enough since he is cursed.)
    And thanks for stopping by!

  4. lol apparently you wrote your second comment right before I did do I didn’t see it? But unfortunately, I’m not yet caught up in the manga (it’s on my neverending and continuously growing list) so I do not know who the Joker is… but I do understand what you mean. The face markings add to the creepy clown/joker face and black and white stripes make it even more mystifying to me 🙂

    • My anime/manga list is ever-growing i wonder if ill ever see them all xD i want to though!I love the individuality and sinister dark hidden passion this anime has. Ive always been into these types of things especially if i can find another anime like this one besides D.Gray-Man. I plan on doing a cosplay for a girl version of sebastian XD ppl think it’s weird though…haha….oh well

      • lol yes! exactly! my list just goes on and on…
        Kuroshitsuji is great because it has a fabulous balance of light comedy and dark plot. lol D. Gray-Man is also on my list right now but I haven’t gotten around to it yet… lol it’s not that weird of a cosplay. Some of the best cosplays I’ve seen for male characters are done by females, so it’s just really about how it looks in the end. Tell me how it turns out!

  5. I will! Definitely! Am i glad to come here haha. Funny thing is only ppl i meet on the web actually understand me because from where i am everyone i’ve ever known would think what im into is weird xD well that is just how life is sometimes…so i come on here to find ppl like you to help me out XD haha is that bad? Even though my younger brother is into anime….hes not really into dark stuff though lol.

  6. Well, that’s what the internet is for, right? 🙂
    And they just don’t know how cool you really are lol
    Why should it be bad? It’s fun to make friends! And he may not be into dark stuff yet but I’m sure he will be soon enough. That’s usually how it is. Otherwise, you can get him into it 🙂

  7. im trying to get him to watch this but he never does…and when i told him he should watch vampire knight and d. gray-man he did and loved it ….honestly im just trying 2 get someone else into it so i can talk about all aspects of it…but i dont want to become annoying so i try not to on here haha. I just really enjoy it and sometimes…when its been awhile after finishing a series…i dwell for so long on it just with myself ….questioning my purpose of being here somtimes…since i do believe in the god among other things apart from me having no problem with athiests….haha its a long story…all in allive never seen any anime quite like this at all. Makes me want to meet the writer BADLY lol.

  8. He liked D Gray-Man? I don’t know too much about it but I’m under the assumption it’s not too far off from Kuroshitsuji. Though Kuroshitsuji probably involves more humour? I need to watch D Gray-Man lol. And he liked Vampire Knight? Wow… I’m surprised lol.
    lol yeah it’s nice to converse about random theories and what not. That’s what the internet’s for!
    haha deep. but yeah… who knows? And yes this anime is unlike any other. Perhaps that’s why it’s so awesome?

    • It is indeed…

  9. By any chance do you know what the name of the song that is in the last part of ep 24? ( though it is also throughout the series when things are bad) I’ve been looking everywhere and i don’t know. The song with the woman singing starts after Ciel says “Don’t. Make it as painful as you can. Carve the pain in my life, into my soul.” I would most appreciate it thank you!

  10. Yeah I do know which song you mean but I can’t pick out any of the lyrics to search for the name… hmm… are there any soundtracks out yet? It might be there or… lol I really don’t know. Sorry! But it’s also possible that there is no longer version of that song so that’s the only part you’ll get of it… so it might be so short it won’t be on the OST… Sorry I can’t be of much help!

    • It’s ok. It might be from some old classical song or something….and i wouldn’t know where to buy the soundtracks online or not online besides amazon or ebay but by what title….hmm….if you don’t mind would you check for me? On second thought i don’t want to ask too much of you considering you may be busy. Thank you anyways.

      • Hmm… I would love to help but I am kinda busy at the moment. If you could pick out a couple of the lyrics or maybe ask on a message board or something, maybe you’ll find someone who knows the song? Hope you find out.

  11. I’ll see. Thanks!

    • anytime! 🙂

  12. the word potentia regere is actually in the Phantomhive’s crest. Potentia Regere . . . .i thnk it means to rule with power. but a lot of people says it’s wrong grammar. so we cnt really tell what it really means. . . .

    here’s the link:

    • Ah that is a very cool connection… it would make sense that the motto comes from the family crest. lol and I don’t think grammar in other languages happens to be a strong-point of the Japanese so I’d say that’s pretty normal 🙂
      Thanks for the input. I hadn’t thought about that.

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