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So yeah, I actually had a lot of work to do so I didn’t get a chance to talk about Twilight right after I watched it. I saw it yesterday, and well, let’s just say I laughed all the way through it, but it wasn’t supposed to be all that funny. I had a great time, but I “liked” it for the wrong reasons.

If I hadn’t read the book, I would have thought that was the most awkward movie ever. There were so many scenes that were not necessarily in continuity with the story (you wouldn’t know if you hadn’t read the book). And they took out so many like one-liners that were awesome! And there was NOT enough of the Cullens. And well…

Okay, I just have to say when I first heard Robert Pattinson would be Edward Cullen, I thought “Okay! That’ll be pretty good. I mean, nothing can match my expectations of him (partly because he’s not human) but that will be a pretty good representation that I will respect.” And oh. My. God. (No, I’m not Janice) That…. that was not great. He was way too creepy and instead of feeling torn between being with Bella and staying away from her, he looked constipated! And the biology scene? The whole theatre was laughing their heads off at that. Me included. That was just weird. And the scene right after of him trying to switch out of bio? He was supposed to be beautifully polite and hide his frustration, but it was so open! He did not say “I’ll just endure it!” in the book! And that’s not how his character would have said it either! Gah! I’m sorry, but he was NOT HOT. (but it was better when he smiled 🙂 )

And Bella? Don’t get me started on Bella. She was in some ways better cast than Edward, but there were times when I swear I thought she was a man. She yells like a man. No. Just no. And the weirdest part is that she seems perfectly normal in real life! It’s possible to be serious but not sound like a man.

And the meadow scene? Butchered. Totally and utterly butchered. Like they didn’t have the technology to make that better. That level of sparkliness could have been achieved by putting on body sparkling lotion or powder stuff. I mean, come on! No sparkles, but he didn’t even take his shirt off! Geez. I’m very disappointed. AND it would have taken them two seconds to put in the little “faster heartbeats when he got near her” scene in the hospital at the end. 2 seconds for a total squee/haha moment! Once again, disappointed. And I swear there were so many times when Edward and Bella were so close and it looked like they were going to kiss but then the screen would pan to the background so I was really unconvinced that their “first” kiss was in fact their first kiss. And I was annoyingly drawn to the fact that she was like half naked in that scene too. They could have move the camera so as not to get the shot of her legs and it would have made the scene that much better. Grr… But that’s not as bad as the lullaby scene, where they don’t even tell you that he wrote the lullaby for her! It would have taken 2 seconds for him to say “I wrote this for you”, but NO! It was a random scene with no connection to anything else. And what was with Bella’s randomly seductive pose there? *Shakes head in disappointment…* And speaking of music, I thought it was good but not right for the movie. I felt it was really trying to push the feel they wanted for that particular scene. Like if it was supposed to be a tense building up to a climax moment, the music overdid it. It was weird.

But on the bright side, although Edward was creepy, he did have his good moments with a nice smile. And Alice and the rest of the Cullens were great. There should have been more of them. And Emmett! Oh the “Her name is Bella” and the jumping on the car! Just perfect. Some things were well done in this movie, but not enough to compensate for the two main characters being weird. Bella’s parents were awesome and amazing comic relief.

So, I did laugh throughout that whole movie (and not just in the funny spots) and I had a great time, but that was not a great movie. And apparently it’s official that they’re making New Moon into a movie? That’s my least favourite one out of the four, but I think I’ll watch it anyway to laugh at it. I’m sorry. I that the books were great, but the movie did not even live up to my expectations and let me tell you, I had low expectations. That being said, I do know people who have read the book and those who haven’t that have liked the movie, but I also know people who saw it from my point of view, so yeah. Just saying.

And I’m also kind of frustratred because I went and saw this instead of Quantum of Solace (which I’m pretty sure would have been a better movie but I wanted to see Twilight anyway) and I missed Youtube Live. What even more frustrating was that my sister was at Youtube Live and got to meet some of our favourite Youtube celebs. After I saw the pictures, I got uber jealous. Grr…

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