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Okay WordPress just got a new layout for the dashboard and it really caught me by surprise lol. I just had to say that before I really got into this post. Just whoa.


The stress is starting to sort of get to me. You know, who am I kidding. I’d be perfectly fine if I wasn’t such a horrible procrastinator. But there’s no point in talking about how slow and lazy I am, or at least that aspect of it lol. So I had caught up on almost all of my shows like two weeks ago, but I’m pretty sure we all knew that wouldn’t last long. Unless there are some crazy optimists out there… which is quite possible. Anyway, the musical at my school has its shows all next week so I’m completely screwed for homework. AND the week after I have to do this 10-15 minute English presentation on two books whose main theme is sex. Talk about awkward and plain weird and blah. I’m basically going to be saying a 1500-word essay out loud. Yay. Not only do I have to write this monster but I have to basically memorize it. Great. See my enthusiasm? Yeah, almost non-existent. AND I don’t completely have a topic yet… the main one revolves around sexual relations and I know talking about that will be a good way to suck up to my teacher (don’t even ask…) so that should be okay.

But anyway…Yeah I don’t have too much to say since I haven’t had too much time to watch shows! I did watch a little Hakushaku to Yousei (until ep 7) and I like the way things are going. And even though I can see myself in Lydia, she should still accept Edgar’s numerous advances already! And Kelpie is pretty cool especially since Kelpie and Edgar have the same voice actors as Seiran and Sakujun from Saiunkoku Monogatari! Let the battle for the main character’s love begin! lol. And I have to say, in both cases, I’d go for Hikaru Midorikawa (Edgar/Seiran) 🙂 . And Mamoru Miyano’s character is starting to come into play some more! And poor Ermine… why? lol I know that didn’t really make sense but I don’t want to say too much due to possible spoilage. But yeah… I’ll leave you in confusion (don’t I always? I’m so nice. Not. Sorry! Will you ever forgive me? Hopefully you’re not like me and don’t hold grudges…)

Speaking another of Mamoru Miyano’s characters, Skip Beat! is going very well! It’s obviously awesome that they’re staying true to the manga and there are so many scenes I’ve loved and can’t wait to see in anime form! Everything has been going very well so far. I just watched episode 9 and it was fabulous. Possibly done even better than in the manga. Here we see Kyoko’s second crowning moment of awesome and it is really awesome. Just a slight change to the script and Kyoko blew everyone away. And I love the line when Rory says that Kyoko has amazing potential and that she is similar to “testing a bomb.” That’s a crazy metaphor which I think is really well said. And it’s funny too lol.

Anyway, this is probably really old news now but I didn’t have the chance to talk about it, so I will now. So apparently there’s someone who created a petition to legally marry an anime character? He’s already got over 2,700 people on board and he said that if this gets passed, he would to marry Asahina Mikuru from the series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Umm… okay then? This is pretty silly and, I’m just going to say it, really sad. And even if I was going along with this, why is this limited to anime characters? What about manga or video game characters? And it’s one thing to like a character and think they’re cute or hot or whatnot, but marriage? First of all, that’s a huge commitment and second of all, would the character get any say in the matter? Why are they condoning forceful marriages? How would people choose if more than one person wanted to marry that character? Would polygamy be an option? lol, this is all hypothetical (I’m totally not taking this seriously) but still, this just proves how complicated and random this would be. And really, why would you do this? Why? Why? I can’t ima-… I don’t under-… wh-… some people are just really weird.

Wow… and I said I had nothing to talk about? What would happen if I did… lol
That’s a pretty scary thought.

Random Quote: One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.
– Master Oogway, Kung Fu Panda
Oh the joys of a self-fulfilling prophecy… hehe

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