Opening night!

December 10, 2008 at 11:53 pm | Posted in Everything Else | Leave a comment

Yeah… I totally should be sleeping (or maybe even working) but well, we both know that’s not gonna happen anytime soon. So I might as well tell you about the opening night of our musical! It went off without any major hitches, which was awesome, and we had a great response from the audience! I was really surprised that the audience laughed at all the cheesy jokes and even at some other moments which I didn’t expect, but the audience never really reacts in the way that you do expect them to… so that was expected? lol. But anyway, I think it’s partially because I’ve heard all the jokes like a hundred times so it’s barely funny to me anymore but to a fresh audience it is pretty funny. And, lighting-wise (a.k.a the part I did), it went really well and I’m glad we got the disco ball to work at the last minute! That was an awesome effect. Yay! It was also really cool because people didn’t only clap at the end of songs but they also cheered, so that was awesome too.
Well, one night down, three to go.
And for those too lazy to count, that means that the last show day is Saturday night, so I doubt I’ll be posting then… especially since there’s a cast/crew after party… but we’ll see. I still have my 10-15 minute English presentation to do for next week… boo… I don’t want to think about that right now…
Anyway, that’s all for now.

Random Quote: Not only have you refused to kill the boy, you even stopped the boy from killing himself, which would’ve solved my problem, which would’ve solved your problem, which sounds like it would’ve solved the boy’s problem. – Harry, In Bruges
Ah… interrupted suicide… What a random idea that would only work in fiction… or so I think?


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