Third night…!

December 13, 2008 at 12:42 am | Posted in Everything Else | Leave a comment

Aww… it’s kind of sad now. Only one more night. 😦
But anyway, it was tons of fun. And it’s interesting to see how the different audiences react to different jokes and laugh more or less at certain parts. Obviously, there are some parts everyone laughs at, but there are little things here and there that makes things interesting. I like looking at details lol. Anyway, somehow, I’m not dead yet (surprised? Please say no.) and well yeah, I’m still alive and kicking! Yay! lol but I do still have one more night to do… and there’s still the party after that… okay it’s not an accomplishment yet. After tomorrow AND completing the written portion of my English presentation on Sunday will it really be something to cheer about. Heh, but I probably won’t have energy to cheer.

I’ve obviously been busy with the musical that I haven’t had time to watch much or read much so I’m still behind in everything… but that’s usual for me, no? And anyway, that’s what vacations are for lol. Ooh, one more week of school… I want it now… winter holidays… aaahhh…

Speaking of which, I need to buy presents, but I’m one of those last minute people. Still, I need to get some presents for friends at school so I’ll have to do that soon. So what’s on my wish list? Well, I kind of wanted a PSP so I could play Crisis Core (and Dissidia once it gets an NA release and same for KH: Birth By Sleep) and some PS/PS2 games but I thought I could just download an emulator and then play those games… I didn’t think I’d have to completely mod my PSP. I’m not quite sure if I’d want to do that. It’s a little scary. And there are things on the newer versions of PSP (like the slim) where the firmware doesn’t completely work? I don’t really know, and since I have doubts, I’m gonna say no. When in doubt, don’t go out. But yeah… so right now, I’m not completely sure whether it’s worth it to get a PSP since I currently use my phone for portable music and there’s only one game I’d really be able to get. It’s probably better to spend my money on getting a Wii (What? You mean you DON’T a Wii yet? No… but it’s not that I don’t want one!) where I can already play Twilight Princess, SSBB, Super Mario Galaxy (meh, not as exciting but it still looks really cool) and Okami (I’ve heard lots of great things about it), just to name a few. Okay, so really for Wii vs. PSP, it’s really 2 games to 1, but that’s still a difference… I dunno! I kinda want a DS too, but both my sisters have DSs, so I feel to increase the number of games we can play, I should get a PSP, especially since I really do want to play Crisis Core and Birth By Sleep and Dissidia. (What FF lover in their right minds wouldn’t love a Final Fantasy character battle royale?)

Oh, what a dilemma.
Anyway, I have to live through the next through days first.
Wish me luck…

Random Quote:
And ourobosoro04 has 16 Zodiac Spears, that is just insane.
Insane????????? No, it’s not even insane, I can’t even find a suitable word for it.
– Damage_dealer quoting flank1337 on FFXII gamefaqs forum
Although I do believe this record has been beaten…? Not sure…
* A verb tense was changed to avoid me getting all touchy and becoming a (borderline) grammar nazi. Phew…


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