It’s over…

December 14, 2008 at 4:32 pm | Posted in Anime, Everything Else, Manga | Leave a comment

It’s so sad, but the musical is finally over… it was fun while it lasted.
But what’s even more sad is that now I have to work! Boo. But, like always, I’m such a procrastinator so I’m writing a post instead. And speaking of the English presentation I spoke about earlier, someone in my class already sold their soul by making their topic about the uses of sex in the books we’ve read. I swear our teacher actually took over his whole presentation and started going on and on about it. It was weird but entertaining too.

But anyway! Being the lazy person I am, I decided to watch a few episodes of Hakushaku to Yousei (or Earl and Fairy, whatever you prefer) and it’s getting quite interesting! I’m at episode 9 and it seems that a lot of plotlines have come into focus, what with the banshee and the love rival Kelpie (I’m slightly confused why she calls him by his race name and not his actual name, Cain. I mean, she doesn’t call the other fairies by their race, or say “Hey, Human!” so why is Kelpie the exception? I dunno…), and perhaps my favourite, Edgar’s new rival for power, Ulysses, who is voiced by Mamoru Miyano! Ahh… this show has a fabulous voice cast. And, I’m not gonna lie, that was one of the reasons why I started watching this show. The three things I usually end up looking for in a show is plot, cute/hot/interesting characters and pairings, and thirdly, voice actors. These are the main things I notice when watching a series, so naturally, this is what I look for in a show (and for a manga, the same thing but without the voice actors. That could possibly be replaced with the mangaka since I do follow certain ones but I am open to new ones.) We haven’t seen too much of Ulysses yet, but I can see that we will see more of him in the near future. Also, this show is only 13 episodes long for now, so it’s kind of sad that it will be over soon… will there be a second season? I don’t think everything will be solved in 4 episodes. Actually, on second thought, that’s quite a bit of time. Eh… but I feel like that would still be kind of cutting it close if they tried to finish it by then. Thirteen episodes is not that long and that makes it really hard to get everything in within that time (although Pretear did it fabulously). But I just hope they don’t ruin this show at the end trying to cram everything in. I’d rather have a cliffhanger (but not a HUGE one like Neo Angelique. Gah) then crappily and crazily crammed together final episodes. Eh, but who knows…

And for manga readers, start reading The One. Behind Kyoko from Skip Beat, Lele is my new idol! I love her! 🙂

Random Quote: Shooting is not too good for my enemies.
– Number 4 on the “Things I’ll do if I ever become an Evil Overlord”. (Original list found here.)


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