RIP Majel Barrett Roddenberry…

December 18, 2008 at 9:44 pm | Posted in Everything Else | Leave a comment
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Today is a sad sad day. Majel Barrett-Roddenberry passed away today… I do have a little bit of work to do before the last day of school, but I thought I’d first show my respect for the First Lady of Star Trek. As the wife of the series creator Gene Roddenberry, she has been there since the beginning (as well as appearing in almost everything Star Trek made including Nurse Chapel in Star Trek: TOS, Lwaxana Troi in TNG and the voice of the Enterprise computer). She will be missed…

Random Quote:
Lwaxana Troi: We raise them, we care for them, we suffer for them, we keep them from harm their whole lives. Now eventually, it’s their turn to take care of us.
Timicin: No parent should expect to be paid back for the love they have given their children.
Lwaxana Troi: Well, why the hell not?
– Star Trek: The Next Generation, Half A Life (4.22)


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