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(or… Alleluia? I never really understood why there were two different spellings… is one more churchy than the other? Meh…)

School is out and it’s time for… a vacation!

Hehe that just popped into my head and I decided to play it here 🙂
But no, I’m not going anywhere hot, but at least it’s break time! That’s good enough for me. I’m not too greedy.

Anyway, this also means time to catch up on shows! (Didn’t see that coming… right)
So I’ve started with non-anime shows so I’m almost up to date on Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy but I’m still a lot further behind on others like Heroes, Chuck, Smallville (oh man… Smallville…) and even further behind in most anime shows except for Hakushaku to Yousei and Skip Beat!. But hopefully, I should be caught up on most of this stuff within the week. But I do have to do some Christmas shopping… if you didn’t realize, I’m a last minute Christmas shopper, but not necessarily because I want to be. It’s just because people don’t really tell me what they want until last minute and I do often shop with my family but my sisters aren’t here yet (one comes tomorrow… Yay!) so I can’t really do anything yet.

So basically, I don’t have any reviews to write but instead I shared with you my plans to fix that problem.

But, I have not yet said the most Hallelujah! moment so far. It won’t necessarily be that interesting for you, so I will tell you a bit of the background story. I moved to -shire (haha no I’m not in England but I find it funny how in Jane Eyre, she doesn’t mention the full place name, simply the suffix) almost three years ago and into a smaller house since both my sisters were gone and it was now just my parents and me. So, because we didn’t have as much space, a lot of stuff went into storage at the place where I used to live. I had always asked my mom when we would bring that stuff here and she always replied “I don’t have time”. So finally, all that stuff came here a couple months ago. But that’s not even the greatest part. Because of space, I had to leave some games I didn’t see myself playing in the near future in storage as well, and those boxes are here now. However, all the boxes look the same and I was not smart enough at the time to label the box with the games and DVDs. Also, I didn’t think that I wouldn’t see these boxes in years, so it wouldn’t have been a big deal, but finally, I decided to venture and look for which one of these identical brown boxes held my games. So, among over 30 boxes, I began opening them one by one. The pile closest to me in my basement had a stack of four, so I opened the top three with no luck (I had low expectations, being a pessimist and all), but the third box was heavy so I wasn’t sure if I should move it to check the bottom one. But then I thought to myself, “I’m gonna regret it if I don’t check because I’m unlucky that way that the games box will probably be that bottom one.” So I mustered some more strength and opened the bottom box. And low and behold, IT WAS THE BOX WITH MY GAMES! I was so happy because in the past years, I randomly would have the urge to play an older game but would be really annoyed because they’d be in the storage near the old house (500 km away) and it would be really sad. But now I have those games back! So, this afternoon, I spent an hour or two replaying Chrono Cross, which I do consider a good game (I wouldn’t give it a 10 like Gamespot, but maybe a 9.3) so I was very happy 🙂

And that’s my story for today.
Now, to get back to my shows…

Random Quote: Don’t hate the player, hate the game. – ????



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  1. Yay for beloved old games!! 😀

  2. lol yes!
    And Chrono Cross is going well!
    But obviously, this isn’t helping me in catching up on shows… but I have to catch up on games too, right? 🙂

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