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It’s almost New Years!

Anyway, so breaks are awesome but they do affect my perception of time and change my regular day routine. Which is not always cool. On the one hand, I can stay up later and sleep in, but vacation time pushes this to the extremes where I sleep after 5am and wake up after 3pm. Sure, that’s not that big of a problem, but it can be difficult when trying to make plans for a whole day or thinking about when I do have to go back to school and it’s as if I have jet lag. And that would only be cool if I went somewhere nice in order to get it as a ‘consequence’. Not only that, but because every day is a holiday, I lose track of time and I rarely know what day it is. I managed at first because of my watch but I don’t always wear my watch in the house, so then this also becomes useless. I do realize I’m complaining that it’s break time, but still… well, I should know by now that few things ever fully meet my expectations 🙂

So! Well… I can’t say I’ve caught up on my shows yet… but I am almost done Chrono Cross! lol I should be able to finish the game today (like another 2 hours of playtime, maybe less, but we’ll see…) And, this is kinda sad, but I had gotten The Legend of Zelda:Phantom Hourglass for my sister for Christmas not realizing we had already given it to her for her last birthday… Oops! Silly me. But we still got her two other games for her DS, and she still has tons from last year’s Christmas she hasn’t finished yet, but that was fine and more than enough to keep her busy. So, we returned the game and my sister told me to get something for myself instead because she had so many games already and my birthday is coming up and she doesn’t know what to get me. I was kinda hesitant, but I let it go. So I went and bought Okami and I haven’t opened it yet since it may get wrapped before January 2… Yay!

But anyway! I can’t believe I hadn’t talked about this yet, so I will now. It has to do with the ‘rumoured’ (thought probably true) cast for The Last Airbender which is the first live-action movie of Avatar. First of all, as many people have noticed, WHERE’S THE FRICKIN DIVERSITY?!?! I understand that it’s mainly for a white audience, but that doesn’t mean these people have to be white! And I was reading on some forums and this one guy said that he would not see the movie if the whole cast was Asian. WHAT THE HELL! That guy is downright racist and probably white. I’m sorry, but come on! The Earth Kingdom… fine, you can get away with it. The water tribe… they’re most likely Inuit but if you wanna make them European and Vikings, fine, I can deal with that too. Aang, we don’t know what he looks like but a perfect cast would be a Tibetan monk, but I guess that will be hard to find since he has to be good at martial arts. But the Fire Nation? THEY ARE TOTALLY ASIAN! So far, Admiral Zhao is not cast asian, we don’t know who plays Uncle yet (If he’s not Asian, all his jokes will suck. He drinks tea! Seriously! And it would be seriously embarrassing if it was a white guy with a Chinese accent…) and Zuko? Don’t even get me started on him. I have nothing against Jesse McCartney, he eve played Roxas well in Kingdom Hearts 2, but he is not Asian nor emo enough to play Zuko! If they’re going to do this, they may as well have taken the voice cast since they look more like the characters, going with the whiteness, and even SOUND like them! Oh… I didn’t even think about sound… ugh… But seriously, Jesse as Zuko? You need Dante Basco’s Philipino accent! And a deeper voice! Heck, even I could do it better! But hopefully that one is actually rumoured… we’ll see. And it’s not like there’s a shortage of Asians or other ethnicities in the world or even more specifically, the US, so people using that as an excuse are simply misinformed or ignorant.

Anyway, that’s enough of a rant for now…
Hopefully I will catch up on shows soon… although another game may take my attention… lol I’ll see what I can do 🙂

Random Quote: When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty. – George Bernard Shaw


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