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So school has started again… and I have exams in two weeks, how horrible is that? Ugh.
But on a possibly happier note, I’m one year older! Haha I guess that doesn’t mean much to you, but I had a lot of fun at a surprise party thrown by some of my friends (and I actually had NO IDEA so it was amazing!) and we played karaoke and then went out skating. I’d have to say that’s one of the coolest birthday parties I’ve had. It was pretty awesome.

In other news, I recently saw this, the Famous Five Hundred, which I thought was pretty amazing. It was basically a bunch of people who team up to write 500 posts in the shortest time possible. With 288 unique users, they were able to get 500 posts in only 34 seconds! This beat the previous record that was over a minute. Even if there was a lot of preparation, that’s still an amazing achievement. 500 posts in 34 seconds? That’s pretty amazing. And so cool! I think I’ve been inspired to join next year 🙂

In shows, I’m almost done catching up on most of my non-anime shows except Heroes, so that’s pretty impressive since I was playing Chrono Cross during most of the break. I’m basically finished and I’m on New Game+ watching all the endings. I still have three more, but that’s gonna have to wait…
(Haha I’m sorry if you were expecting more from the shows… once I finish Hakushaku to Yousei (one more ep!) and Vampire Knight Guilty, I’ll write some more)

And apparently Wii Sports is the most successful videogame of all time? It “has now passed sales of Super Mario Bros (NES) at 40.24 million units, making it the best selling videogame of all time.” That’s pretty impressive and kind of shocking in my opinion. But looking at that graph of best-selling games, it looks like Nintendo has a clean sweep! Very cool. And even cooler that two generations of the Pokémon franchise made the list. That’s pretty amazing.

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