Have I told you how much I love weekends?

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I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it once or twice… 🙂

Aah… two exams done… four more to go…
What sucks though is that the exams I think I’ll have the most trouble with are my last three… so I can’t even feel that relieved. Grr…

Anyway! Enough about school. I’m sorry! I would have posted this earlier today but in the middle of writing, I went to go see Slumdog Millionaire which was very good. Although you may not understand all of it because there’s some dialogue that’s not in English and it’s not completely subtitled. So they kind of cheat and avoid saying the f-word in English but say it all the time in Hindi. (I don’t say that word! I just know because Russell Peters made a joke about it… (go to about 2:26). But yeah! Great heart-warming movie. It was pretty cool how his whole life prepared him for that one moment. But I won’t spoil…

Since last week I finished my review on Vampire Knight Guilty, it’s time to write one on Hakushaku to Yousei and the new show! Haha I still haven’t said the name, but I guess you could cheat and just look at the tags for this post… I’ll admit tags are awesome when searching for something but they take the fun out of the surprise lol.

Once again, since these are completed shows, there will be spoilers.

Hakushaku to Yousei

Note: I’ll just tell you straight out right now that I’m totally biased towards this show because of the AMAZING voice cast. Just thought I should let you know before I say anything else.

This show started off with an interesting plot, then perhaps had to squeeze in as much as possible but ended up rushing (who wouldn’t rush in a 12-episode show based on an ongoing story with 17 books?) and made it fairly confusing by the end and then it didn’t completely get resolved. The plot pace and the plot itself are very important, so from this standpoint, the show gets a 7/10. But this didn’t matter as much because of the other great things in this show. As already mentioned, the voice cast. LOVE! That’s all I can say. From Nana Mizuki to Hikaru Midorikawa and Mamoru Miyano and Takehito Koyasu… aah… this show sounds absolutely amazing lol. Along with that, the characters are all very unique and developed. Lydia’s the social outcast due to being able to see fairies but she’s not the useless damsel in distress. In the end, it’s her who saves the day, so that’s pretty cool. (Girl POWER! Hah!) And then Edgar, with his horrible past and womanizing tendencies which lead him to not being taken seriously by the one person he actually loves, Lydia, is also something you don’t usually see. And Kelpie obviously added to the love triangle and the fairy side of things. And it just happens to be that the voices of the two guys are also the voices of Seiran and Sakujun from Saiunkoku Monogatari in that… love dodecahedron. And Nico, the talking fairy cat who is the coolest thing ever. And he was so cute when he was embarrassed that his whiskers got pulled off… But anyway, the point is all the characters are quite different but all very interesting and probably even more so in the books since you get more back-stories and subplots around them. And even though it was kind of confusing near the end, it still made sense at the very end of the show. But obviously, there are still unanswered questions like what’s with the invisible key and who’s the Prince, among other things. It does leave the show open for a second season, so we’ll see… The one thing that I was kind of bummed not to see was an actual kiss… but well, it was still cute.

So, for the whole 12 episodes…
Overall 8
Story 8
Animation 9
Sound 8
Character 9
Enjoyment 9

And… so what’s the new show? Well, it’s Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge, a.k.a. Wallflower! And that’s where last week’s title from. In one episode, Kyouhei and Sunako are playing an INTENSE game of ping pong and in a seemingly verbal battle with attack names including Stinging Sand Serve, Dragon Tear Smash, Lightning Cutter Attack, Devil Burning Crush, Genocide Corkscrew, and Catastrophe Overdrive! lol.
Anyway, this show is HILARIOUS. Almost on level with Ouran High School Host Club (almost lol).
That’s probably how I finished this 26-episode series in a week. I think that’s my record, especially since it was during a school week… anyway! Enough about that… The story is about four gorgeous guys who are living together in a house when their landlady says that her niece will be staying with them. If they can turn her into a lady, they get free rent, but if not, their rent triples. Doesn’t seem that hard, right? Think again. Sunako loves horror flicks, her best friend is Hiroshi, an anatomy model, and whenever she sees anyone beautiful, she gets a nosebleed. While this show is pretty funny, nothing really happens. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but by the end, we do see a glimpse of Sunako as a lady, but she doesn’t completely turn. I guess the moral of the story was that a lady is not necessarily the stereotypical one, but any girl who does things they enjoy. And The Path to Becoming A Lady bits were awesome. Still, the manga is apparently ongoing at 22 volumes? I feel like that might be going a little overboard, no? Anyway, still a great show, but the lack of an actual plot leaves this show at an 8/10.

So, for the 26 episodes…
Overall 8
Story 7
Animation 9
Sound 8
Character 10
Enjoyment 9

That’s all for now!

Random Quote:
A picture this time!
Who knew nosebleeds were that powerful…

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