Balancing the scales…

January 31, 2009 at 6:14 pm | Posted in Anime, Recommendations and Reviews | Leave a comment

… of number of shows watched and number of shows to watch.
Or at least trying to.

Latest show finished: Ryoko’s Case File
Chronicles the various supernatural cases that brilliant 27-year-old elite investigator Ryōko Yakushiji and her subordinate Junichirō Izumida are confronted with.
Length: 13 episodes

I first took interest in this because it was a murder mystery and it had girls with guns (always a fun mix), so I thought I’d take a look. And I’ve tried to make this one free of major spoilers, so yeah.

While I was expecting a monster of the week kind of show, I don’t think that works as well for such a short show. You’d have to somehow connect it to the overall plot at least at the end of every episode to still get away with having one-episode enemies and still be a good show. That’s where I think Ryoko’s Case File fell short. While it did hold my interest from the get go and it looks very pretty, the main plot was only prominent very vaguely in the first two episodes and then in the last four. The middle was just cool but random stories and character development. It was still entertaining, and for the time that they had (the 13 eps), they did a really good job, but this was nothing amazing and I feel like it had the potential to be so that was a letdown. With great characters and an intriguing plot, this just didn’t seem to go anywhere. The two french maids were cool but I have to say their French wasn’t that great… somewhat understandable but not fabulous, but hey, what can you do. That’s the one thing about anime: whenever they try to speak a foreign language, they don’t get people who can actually speak the language but just people who can do enough to sound the words out. And in the end, it was still left open and still basically unresolved, kinda like beating the mini-boss or something. Very unsatisfying. Nonetheless, it was a pretty good show that had some surprising twists and cool effects like Izumida’s dream at the beginning and at the end. So yeah! Good entertaining show, but nothing amazing. Great procrastinator 🙂

So, for all 13 eps…
Overall 7
Story 8
Animation 9
Sound 9
Character 9
Enjoyment 8

Okay, the overall’s definitely not an average, but it’s what I feel. Deal with it.
And well, exams are over so that means I’ll have to actually start working again… there probably won’t be any reviews for a while… we’ll see… hmm

And omg LOST! I won’t say anything but one word: Widmore. AAAH!

Random Quote: There’s a fair amount of sacrifice necessary to maintain a front of happiness – Masao, Mars


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