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But I’m in the mood for a song…

It’s Hey Jude from the movie Across the Universe. The Beatles are awesome. And I’m learning to play it on the guitar! Yay!

So, February is Black History Month (as American Heart Month, Sweet Potato Month and a bunch of other random things listed here… ) so this got me thinking about some racial issues that relate a bit more to me. I’m not going to start complaining about how to be equal, there should be a month or a holiday of awareness for every group and ethnicity out there, because that would just be too much. But the one thing that’s nice about this is that it’s a month that reminds blacks of their pride and their collectiveness as an ethnic group. I guess for me, I’m sort of envious because while I love being mixed, no one knows who or what I am. I’ve been asked if I was Hispanic, Native, Italian or by looking at my last name, it’s possible someone could think I’m German because it can also be a German last name. For the record, I’m Asian, but not the ‘Asian’ you’re probably thinking about. You’re most likely thinking either Chinese, Japanese, or Korean but I’m none of those. I’m half Philippino and half Pakistani. Meaning, while I am technically fully Asian, by Western standards, I’m half brown and half… half Asian (so really a quarter Asian and then another quarter of ‘I dunno’). And unlike my sisters, I actually look like an almost half-and-half mix. As such, no one really considers me brown or ‘Asian’ because I’m not really either. Half-people can be welcome in groups if they’re other half is white, so they still look very similar to the ethnic group, but I can’t do that. I’m not really half anymore. If I was a colour, I’d be beige, which is kinda what I am. This is not supposed to be a sob story or anything, but I’m just saying that even if I didn’t really want to be a part of that group, I’d at least like the opportunity to actually be acknowledged. I like being unique (I’ve never met anyone else with the same mix as me, other than my sisters of course) but is it too much to ask to be unique and recognizably unique? Well, at least it’s an ice-breaker for me. People often end up starting a conversation with me by asking what my background is.

Anyway, part of my random daily routine is checking the Gamefaqs poll (which I’m proud to say that one time I was the fifth poller. I was very impressed) and also checking the Final Fantasy XII board for new updates in NLBLLG (that’s a challenge for FFXII where you can’t use the license board (No License Board) and you can’t level up (Low Level Game)) and I also look at other random topics on the first page that peak my interest. Oh and if you’re wondering, well if you can’t level up or use the license board, what can you use? That’d be items, initial licenses given, Belias after the point it is needed, and a number of crazy tricks these amazing gamers have thought of. And I’m not a member of GF, so I just read, but I guess I read enough I might as well become a member… hmm… Anyway, a few topics that I see of basically the same meaning is about the story of FFXII, which while many like, others claim to be weak. I’d like to straighten this out with my view of the story. It wasn’t that the plot itself was bad, but rather the way it was portrayed. I’m pretty open and believe that any fantasy story has the potential to be good, and FFXII is no exception. However, there were too few cutscenes and not enough talking with your group about their feelings and pasts and basically character development as a whole. Don’t get me wrong, this does happen, but not enough for my liking. I remember one walkthrough that stated this (that video has FRICKIN SPOILERS!) was one of the best scenes in the game and I was like WHAT? Sure, it was pretty cool, but if that’s one of the best, then this game has a buttload of crappy scenes. Seriously! What I’m basically trying to say is that while the characters of FFXII were memorable, the story was not. In any other FF game I’ve played, I can easily pick three or more scenes that I’d say were the best or at least some of the best. There are usually too many to pick only three. But In FFXII, I have to think about it and while some were funny or cute, none of the ones I’d think about would contribute to plot development. There weren’t enough great scenes about plot development. That’s the problem.

Thank you for bearing with me.

too bad it’s not cleaned
well there’s the small coloured version

/fangirl moment

Random Quote: I’m not a vegetarian because I love animals. I’m a vegetarian because I hate plants. – A. Whitney Brown


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