That’s why you need a plan b

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So, as usual, my original plan didn’t end up happening so instead of finishing up Nabari no Ou, this week I caught up on Shugo Chara, which is still progress so that was good. And also, I’m feeling the need to further express my love of Skip Beat so I’ll be sure to do that in this post.

But I also feel like listening to a song…

This is Toast by J featuring Humming Urban Stereo. This is a really calming yet upbeat song that I feel like you’d here in a high-class coffee shop or something and I think it’s really cool. I can’t really remember how I found this song but I’m pretty sure it happened after surfing random videos of songs on Youtube which led me to this. I was also doing this yesterday for game music and came across some that were compilations of victory fanfares from a bunch of games and just listening to that reminded me of the great moments in those games and that happy feeling. Oh the wonderful memories…

Oh and if you’re not caught up on Shugo Chara or Skip Beat, this post may not be for you.

Anyway, so I got caught up on Shugo Chara‘s second season, Shugo Chara Doki! as well as the manga, which really showed me that I like the animation from the anime much better. There’s quite a difference in my opinion, but I could just prefer the anime version because it’s newer and the first one I saw… but anyway, that’s not the only difference. Even from just the fact that the manga has around 35 chapters and the anime is getting into the 70s of the episodes really shows you how many fillers there are. And I thought Tsubasa Chronicles had a lot of fillers… but they definitely changed some things and added a ton more to the anime, which I thought was alright. Some of it was too much of just plain filler but, for example, having Amu go over to Nadeshiko’s house early on in the anime and seeing Kairi again in the recent episode was very nice for character development and tons more fanservice which is always a nice touch. And I LOVE the Amuto fanservice that they’ve added. And with the addition of Lulu and the ? eggs, they’re obviously stretching this arc so we won’t see Ikuto forced to play his X-egg-infused violin or his ‘not-taken-seriously’ confession, and with that in mind, perhaps we won’t see Tadase’s confession either unless they are changing it so it’s not at that point in the plot. They sure are hinting at it more right now what with the Valentine’s day episode and stuff. But who knows. Are they gonna keep Lulu around for later when they get back to the manga plot, or are they gonna send her off to France? That’s why she’s from France: so she can have an easy escape route. Lots of filler arcs have characters like that.

And omg Skip Beat! Not only did the anime just finish one of my FAVOURITE arcs in the whole series, but the manga is somehow still getting even better and better! I did mention the extra page last week but thanks to Azriel from MAL, I found a bigger and nicer version! I can’t help but squeal everytime I see this picture! It makes me so happy 🙂 lol it probably won’t happen in the series or even some like that won’t happen anytime soon, but it’s nice to dream… We’ll have to wait to see them acting together as each other’s romantic interest. That’ll be so much fun! But they’ll have to finish the BoxR arc first. Seriously, Chiori is really annoying, even more so than Ruriko, the singer/actress from the early arc. Ruriko was more openly annoying, but Chiori is more secretively annoying, since only we, the reader, see how annoying she really is behind the mask. And that last chapter was fabulous! Natsu is such a mean character and yet so awesome. But I think her hand was still hurting at the end of the chapter… is this going to have long-term affects? I hope not, but we’ll see. And, as for the anime, it was great! The PV arc was perfectly done; Kyoko looked gorgeous and it all went according to the manga. I also liked the added touch of Kyoko’s imitation of Sho with the wig. That was hilarious! And the phone calls were all amazing too! Just like how I would have imagined they’d be. But I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I think Yashiro’s voice changed? I dunno… but it sounded different… maybe it was just that one episode. Anyway, we’ll have to see whether they go through Moko’s arc, shorten it, or even skip straight to the Dark Moon arc because this is supposed to end at 25 episodes… will they be able to finish this arc off or will there be a cliffhanger for a possible second second season? I guess we’ll find out later today or tomorrow, but either way, let’s hope for a second season! This show is too good to only have one. I want to get into the Dark Moon arc and the Kuu arc and even the Natsu stuff that’s going on now! I just need more Skip Beat lol.

Random Quote: Through acting she’ll become someone whose power will exceed my imagination… just like testing a bomb. – LME president thinking about Kyoko, Skip Beat chapter 18


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