Why do weekends go by so much faster than weekdays…?

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Because there’s less of them?
But really, because chances are you’re doing something you like on weekends which makes time seem to go faster, no?

So yeah! Another weekend almost gone by, and some more gaming done. And I have ‘accomplished’ something: 6 Iron Dukes in Final Fantasy X-2. This basically means I beat Trema 6 times (well really 5 because the first playthrough was done by my sister) in order to get what I’d say by far is the best accessory in the game (basically a +100 bonus to every stat except luck which I think is +50). Of course, each time it got easier because I had one more Iron Duke to use, but it still took some time. This all started back when I said, “Hey, I wanna play FFX-2 again” and while it’s not widely liked among hardcore FF fans (or any… if you wanna go that way) and I admit it is not my favourite game of the series, I still think it’s a fun game with an okay story and some pretty cool characters. While the story itself may not be anywhere as good as FFXII’s plot, FFX-2 did, in my opinion, express it better. And Gippal is awesome! I think I like him even more now because his voice is the same as Zack’s voice in Crisis Core, which I am also currently playing, so yeah.

But anyway, so I got 6 Iron Dukes and in the process 99 Dark Matters from bribing Paragon a few times (which you can do an unlimited amount of times after beating Trema). I don’t think I’ve ever got 99 Dark Matters in any FF game (not exactly sure why… I think they were finite or just harder to get in some games…) so that’s another accomplishment. I just felt like saying I actually did something kind of cool because usually I try starting something cool but never finish it. That’s the life of a procrastinator, isn’t it? Still, this kind of got me thinking of doing a speed run. I think the record is somewhere near 6 hours, but I doubt that was with 6 Iron Dukes. lol would that be somewhat like cheating on my part? Hmm… anyway, this will probably not be attempted any time soon but just a thought.

After doing this, I decided to take a look into Okami, a game I got for my birthday, and it is quite cool. The voices are… weird to say the least. They’re not completely words but not just pitch either (that reminds me of Golden Sun! Ah… great series… needs a third part…). It’s like a weird mix that they did to try and make it sound like an ancient language. If they did that in Japanese, I’ll understand, but if that was solely done in the English version, they might as well have sticked with the Japanese audio. And it had quite a lengthy narrated beginning, so I think that’s why I was really annoyed at first. I think I’ve somewhat gotten used to it now. With that aside, the game is very pretty and the brush concept is also very cool. But for some reason, I don’t know why, but I have trouble doing those wall jumps. And I fee like it’s me because I had this trouble in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, so I’m starting to feel like I can’t jump… it’s kind of sad. I eventually get the jump, but not after at least 3 tries. And this isn’t just like one jump. It’s one of those double jumps and you gotta time the second jump right at the peak of the first one, or it won’t work. I’m just worried in case there’s like a time limit later on in the game and I’ll need to be able to jump quickly… Anyway, that was part of my weekend.

And I just want to talk a bit about Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and my current reactions. And really, all I have to say is holy effin crap. This series is getting crazier and crazier by the minute. While I have been on the MAL boards and throwing some theories around, one of which came true, I’m still truly mind-blown. Or perhaps mind-screwed is the better word. Actually, Mind-f***ed might be even more appropriate (is it really?). This latest chapter just proved to me even more that I need to get into xxxHolic. I admit I did watch the first episode of the anime, which wasn’t too interesting, but I feel like the manga is where I need to go with this series. I had always been under the assumption that although Tsubasa was a huge CLAMP crossover, the characters would meet in a different timeline or a parallel universe or whatever you want to call it. But apparently, that is not the case…? I don’t know too much, and anything I do know will probably be spoiler-ish, so all I’m gonna say is that I need to start reading xxxHolic. I still think that’s a really weird name for a manga, but I’m not CLAMP, so we’ll leave it at that.

Random Quote: I wish I had the magic ability to get random people to sing/dance a spur of the moment musical – disinterested22‘s comment on a YouTube video of “How Does She Know” from the movie Enchanted


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