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Gah. This week has been horribly overloaded with work. And what really sucks is that I only have myself to blame since have of it I could have started last week. Why must I be a procrastinator…? Hmm, that’s actually an interesting question. Well, laziness is an obvious answer, but I feel like there’s more to it than that… hmm…

Anyway, due to the busy-ness (oh! business! I get it!) of this week, I haven’t been able to do too much and I’ll be out most of tonight so the rest of this post may come tomorrow, or when I have something a bit more interesting to comment on. But you can expect more stuff coming soon because I will be on a break after next week! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

And, for some reason (I’m still not quite sure why) I joined Twitter, at the request/force of my sister. And she was like “Do it NOW! Before all the good names get taken!” And she even checked which names were and whatnot for me. So yeah, without much reluctance, I joined. (I kind of wanted to, but just was too lazy… there’s that procrastination again. It creeps up on you, doesn’t it? You don’t realize just how much it affects your life… ugh)

Well, there is one topic that I realized I haven’t touched upon yet. This is a bit old now, but it has been stated that Dev Patel will be playing Zuko in the Avatar movies instead of the previously considered Jesse McCartney. Umm… these people must be blind. We wanted ethnicity but we wanted the right ethnicity! We didn’t want him browner, we wanted him more Asian, and specifically Chinese! Come on. They obviously had the ability to choose someone else (since they did) so why did they not choose someone ASIAN? And while Slumdog Millionaire was a great movie, Dev Patel didn’t have to do too much. I can’t picture him playing someone as emo as Zuko. In that respect, even Jesse McCartney would have been better! And since it’s the wrong ethnicity, Jesse the better choice, hands down! At least Jesse has some experience being emo from like Roxas (Roxas himself is not emo but due to the situations he was in, he couldn’t help but be a little emo. It was understandable.) so he’d be able to whine and whatnot. Still, his voice is a bit too high for Zuko… but he’s not even the actor playing him anymore so this is all moot. Gah… seriously, if this is how they’re gonna be, just GET THE VOICE ACTORS TO DO THE JOB! They all actually look like their counterparts more than any of these people do. AND they have the right voice.

Random Quote: I find that a great part of the information I have was acquired by looking up something and finding something else on the way. – Franklin P. Adam
Haha story of my life.


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