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This site has added a few more names to the cast list for The Last Airbender, the first move adaptation of Avatar and they are all brown people playing the people of the Fire Nation. The only good thing about this that I can think of is that since Zuko is already gonna be played by a brown guy, at least they’re consistent. BUT SERIOUSLY! Once again, WHY THE HELL IS THE FIRE NATION BROWN?!?!?!?! It’s too late for Zuko, but now so is Uncle Iroh and Zhao? Zhao is CLEARLY AN ASIAN NAME! AND NOT BROWN! Why? Why are they doing this? They obviously know what these people should be. I don’t understand why they’re doing things in a way that they know will not please the fans. I’ll give them a case for Aang and the air nomads who do look like they have lighter skin, but I still don’t know how you could think that Tibetan-style monks look white… But the Earth Kingdom has the only Asian so far? The Korean? That’s a start but come on…! And seriously, the Earth Kingdom is probably the better place to cast the whites. Why is everything so backward? I was already skeptical when they first said they were gonna make a live-action movie a long time ago, but this is just making me so much more annoyed. And they totally planned this. All of the parts for the movie asked for Caucasian or any other ethnicity. Seriously. I’ll let this photo essay do more of the talking. I’ve had enough.

On a weirder and funnier note, there’s a possibility there may be a Twilight anime? lol I looked at some of the comments in the forums and GATSU’s post that said “There already is a Twilight anime. It’s called Vampire Knight.” Haha I started laughing my head off at that because in some ways it’s so true! (Oh, but if you took that quote seriously, well you’re taking things a little too seriously lol) Twilight and Vampire Knight (particularly the anime adaptation) are full of wangst and all of that teen drama ‘goodness’, and they both involve vampires, so from that point of view, they could be very well one and the same. While VK’s anime was beautiful, the adaptation itself was horrible. Way too stretched out, way too much angst, and that really destroyed some characters (hmm… I was think about saying *coughZerocough* but when I think about it, it really did destroy ALL the characters. Or at least the main ones. But seriously, they changed a kiss to a BITE?!?!?! Ugh, I’m not going there again. Once was enough.) And as much as I love Twilight, and I do, all of these adaptations are ruining it. The movie was crap and if this ever gets created, so will the anime. Expanding on its popularity is one thing, but this is going too far and at the expense of the reputation of the series. And the fact is, Twilight is great but it’s not fabulous. Do they really think they can turn this into a good anime? Because if you think adaptation decay won’t be a problem, perhaps you need to watch the movie.

But hey, they did make a High School Musical manga…
Don’t believe me? Look here and here. The first one is a manga and the second one is a cine-manga, so that’s not as bad. But seriously… Somehow still not scared? Get the first 10 pages of it here. Oh god… what is the world coming to…

Speaking of that last link, MegaUpload’s captchas have gotten pretty hard to read. That overlapping stuff is crazily annoying. Just saying…

Random Quote: Tch. Even if it’s a fake, it still feels weird watching yourself explode. – Renji, Bleach ep 193
Yes! Just about caught up on Bleach! I love the flashback arc. It’s so cool.



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  1. brown…?

  2. ugh yes… brown. They should be Chinese! Or at least some other oriental Asian! But brown? Geez. White would have been better than brown.

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