Boo… only a two-day weekend… lol

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Haven’t had one of these in a while… and it feels kinda weird. Anyway, lotsa stuff this week! I probably won’t get to all of it, but I’ll just mention most of it. So, to start off, Kingdom Hearts is getting a piano collection! I’m really excited because I LOVE all the Final Fantasy Piano collections (or just any FF music in general. All the versions too πŸ™‚ ) so I’m really excite that KH is getting one! It may not be done by Nobuo Uematsu (aka music GENIUS) but Yoko Shimomura has done some amazing work as well. Ah… these people are so amazing… I’m so envious… and more Square-related news, they’ve added more to the North America Dissidia page. It’s still very teaser-ish, but it looks totally awesome. I can’t wait for this to come out. Who wouldn’t love an FF all-star fighting game? That could very well be cooler than mixing Disney with Final Fantasy.

And it looks like Funimation is following Crunchyroll with simulcasts? Cool. And with FMA! Even cooler. “FUNimation will deliver high-quality, free, original Japanese dialogue accompanied by English subtitles, streaming episodes of studio Bones’ new Fullmetal Alchemist via as well as key video-sharing partners.” I’m assuming the other video-sharing partners to be Hulu and Joost, so that may be US-only. Joost and Funimation are not as restricted, as far as I know, but we’ll see if they add restrictions because they’re simulcasts. Either way, very cool.

And while I won’t have time to talk about this too much right now, I finally finished up Saiunkoku Monogatari Season 2, Gundam 00 First season (lol yes I’m behind. By a whole season), and Skip Beat. For Skip Beat, all I’m gonna say is that it was amazing but cut off at a bad point in the arc. I’m glad they didn’t rush to try to finish the arc or anything, but without confirmation of a second season, it is still a cliffhanger, and that’s annoying. I still think the anime is amazing, but a second season is definitely needed. They didn’t even get to THE SCENE yet! (chapters 68-71 for those who want to know)

omg Shugo Chara was so cute! “This time, I’ll be the one to protect you.” Cutest page ever. Haha have I mentioned I’m an Amuto fan? But with the embryo’s latest appearance, I do feel like this is the final battle and this will end soon, which is really sad. There’s obviously the ability to stretch this and add a new arc, but I feel like this will be better if they don’t do that and cut it off at the end of this arc. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they end it with the embryo disappearing or it’s a one-time use and Amu uses it to save the world or something. No one’s really said anything about using it more than once, right? But one of the few things that still a mystery is who Gozen is, which will probably be revealed in the next chapter. I think there’s a 99.9% chance that Gozen is someone we know… but who? Wasn’t there a theory about him being part of the old Guardians? I can’t remember the details about that, but I feel like that would kind of make sense… hmm… and then some people say it’s the little kid who Amu found while Ikuto was in her room and got him the takoyaki? That’d be an interesting twist… well, we’ll just have to wait…!

The latest chapter of Skip Beat was HILARIOUS and AWESOME! Because a) there was no Chiori; b) REN; c) AND Reino!; d) Valentine’s Day; and e) Moko and Kyoko‘s loathings of it (Vain Day lol). Haha and Reino’s conversation with Kyoko was hilarious. She’s so oblivious but I love her for it. Even if he said ‘I love you’, she probably still wouldn’t believe him and think it’s like a curse from hell lol. Ah… Kyoko, you’re amazing. Oh and Yashiro! He’s so funny in his fairly futile attempts to get Kyoko and Ren together. And his prancing around the presents was too cool. But how could Kyoko not know Ren’s birthday? *gasp* She’ll have to give him something since he did give her something for her birthday. (And that will be her reason for it, lol) I feel more Kyok and Ren coming and a love triangle with Reino. Maybe even a ‘rectangle’ if Sho comes back into the picture. It is Valentine’s Day, right? That’s an easy excuse to show up. But I’m glad we finished the Natsu arc. Natsu herself is amazing and badass but there was too much Chiori to really enjoy it. But yay! Valentine’s Day and Ren’s birthday are around the corner! It’s kind of cool that both Ren and Kyoko’s birthdays are around big holidays. Mine’s around New Years too πŸ™‚ .

And lastly, the latest chapter of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle has been out for a few days now. Oh CLAMP…
Here’s a theory that I saw that I do agree with to be fairly plausible: while CCS’s SxS are not directly Tsubasa Syaoran or Watanuki’s parents, but just another set, they could be younger versions of his parents? With Acid Tokyo and Clow Country following that now (being not different dimensions of space but different dimensions of time) , I don’t think that’s totally unreasonable. And that’s why both CCS Sakura and Syaoran and the tube Sakura and Syaoran have the same magic circles. If it was just tube Sakura that had the same magic circle, that could just be due to the fact she got CCS Sakura’s magic rod, but the fact that BOTH the tube pair had the same magic circles in CCS leads me to believe more that they are in fact, future versions of the CCS pair. But I still don’t know too much about Watanuki and how Yuuko said… I need to read xxxHolic lol.

ugh, i’ve been mind-CLAMPed…

Random Quote: Hehe I linked to this earlier in the post, but it’s so amazing, I’m making it this week’s quote. (Read from right to left)

Kyoko and Reino, Skip Beat chapter 138 page 20


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