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… though aren’t my thoughts always random? lol.

Anyway, so with Crunchyroll‘s efforts for more (semi-free) subbed anime and simulcasts, they’ve put up some translated title logos, and one I’m particularly annoyed with is the one for Shugo Chara. I realize that My Guardian Characters is a suitable translation but it’s such a mouthful. And Shugo Chara sounds sooo much better. I don’t understand what sort of categorizing they go through when translating some things over others and whatnot because some of the other logos aren’t even romanized, let alone translated. I’d just like to know what qualifies something to be translated when the original version rolls off the tongue much better. Just saying.

Anyway, I do have some shows that I have finished but I’ll talk about those later because I’m just not in the mood right now. I don’t know lol. But anyway, I’ve listed a few things I’d like to see in Skip Beat that I’d find interesting and/or fabulous.

Interesting things I would like to see in Skip Beat

1. More KyokoxRen
Um hello? This is a given. We already know that Ren already loves her but won’t confess because he knows that will just scare her away and she could very well erase his existence from her mind. On the other side, Kyoko greatly admires and respects Ren as a senior actor but she is also frightened and envious of his acting abilities. She would love to act opposite him but is also afraid of doing so because if they were love interests in a drama, she knows she would begin to love him outside the drama because of his amazing skills and his ‘King of the Night’ look which she has already seen. One way for her to overcome this and pressure her into realizing her feelings would be to bring about a love triangle and some people have thought this might happen now that Chiori has become a Love Me member (which I find VERY annoying.. I was hoping she would leave after the Natsu arc… I DON’T like her… but maybe that makes her a good love rival? Hmm…) Anyway, it’s gonna take a lot of convincing for Kyoko to realize Ren’s feelings because she was blatantly told by Moko and Yashiro about Ren’s feelings and she still doesn’t think it’s true. She’d play it off as a way of bullying her or cursing her (depending on who tells her). She does have a “Could it be…?” (that he loves me? YES!) moment in chapters 74-75 of the Mio arc, but this never comes into play later, so this can be disregarded, I guess…?

I also feel that if Natsu meets Ren, that would be really cool. And that’s possibly what the awesome extra page is depicting? As I’ve said before, that picture is LOVE. It makes my life. But yeah, I’m greedy. I want MORE!

2. More Ren
We finally got to see him again in the last chapter after not seeing him for TEN WHOLE CHAPTERS! There better be MUCH more of him in the coming chapters to make up for it! But I don’t really think I need to elaborate on this point, do I? More Ren = More bishie goodness + More possibilities for KyokoxRen = ♥ = YAY.

3. Introduction/more of Kyoko’s Mother
This I thought of quite recently. We’ve seen tons about Ren’s dad and he has ‘adopted’ Kyoko too, so why don’t we get more from Kyoko’s parental side? That’s not the only reason I bring this up, but being someone who didn’t care what her daughter did, I guess her reaction to Kyoko now would still be that’s she’s not good enough, but I’d like to at least see a meeting between the two, and maybe Ren’s intervention. I feel like if this were to happen, it would be better if it were after Kyoko and Ren were a bit more together so that Ren could comfort her more when her old wounds open up (I’m assuming this meeting will remind Kyoko that she’s still not good enough for her mother and she’ll break down, thinking even after all the things she did by herself and of her own power, her mother’s still disappointed in her). I’m also wondering why someone with this personality would want a child, so something must have happened… (maybe due to the father’s death…?) so maybe we could get more information on that. I think this is a pretty interesting topic worth exploring.

4. More Reino
Haha yes! I’m so glad we got some of this in the last chapter. While a two-girls love triangle would be better for Kyoko to realize her feelings, a two-guys love triangle (or really a three-guys rectangle with Sho) might get Kyoko to realize their feelings and therefore make her think about hers. Plus this guy is just awesome. I’d love to see more use of his abilities and maybe that’s how we’ll learn even more about Ren’s past since he obviously won’t tell us. (But he may eventually tell Kyoko… or Bo? Hmm…) Ah the triang-relations… Reino just wants some fun and if I was on the other end of it I’d loathe him, but from the audience’s point of view, he’s pretty awesome. Especially since he’s got the supernatural thing going on. Very cool.

I was going to add having Ren realize that Bo is Kyoko, but then I feel like he wouldn’t open up to her at all anymore, and it’s pretty cool for Kyoko to see how Ren acts around people other than herself. I like the interaction they have there since they wouldn’t necessarily be able to have that if Ren knew who Bo really was. It’s like in those gender bender stories where the couple realizes they love each other so much more because of the time they’ve spent (usually living) together and that those experiences couldn’t have happened had they met at first as boy and girl. lol does that makes sense? It does to me, but that doesn’t mean much, does it? 🙂

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