Ah… the good old days…

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And to what am I referring? Well, recently I’ve been watching random clips of Whose Line is it Anyway? on Youtube (can’t quite remember how that started but you know… one video led to another and whoops. 5 hours went by. lol. My last post should be proof enough to show this does happen… at least to me?) So I was looking back and I LOVE Whoopi Goldberg when she’s on this show. She’s amazing at improv. Anyway I also forgot Kathy Griffin was on the show and I had no idea that Stephen Colbert did at least one episode. Did you know that? It was very cool. And poor Colin… he’s always the woman in any of the skits, but he does fabulous last liners in the Irish Drinking Songs. You should definitely take a look. Youtube user 12medbe has a ton of stuff. And Ryan always ends up being an animal in the Party Quirks. It’s hilarious! lol 🙂

Here’s one I really like for the game Quick Change.

Other good ones:
Rap with Stephen Colbert
Drew Carey makes me hot
The Cat!
Bus Stop
(The ones below contain more innuendos and adult matter)
Bite Me
I’m sure there are a million more good ones and maybe later I’ll add to this list but that’s all for now. Enjoy!

Random Quote: It was now or never. There was only one thing I could do. I wish I knew what the hell it was. – Colin, Whose Line: Narrate/Film Noir

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