Saiunkoku Monogatari II

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Boo I have a lot of work right now… blah. The only thing I can think about is school will be over in a month and a bit…
Then I have summer school but that’s totally different lol.

So, this awesome show ended a while ago, but only really a couple weeks ago for me. I loved every moment of it because one, it’s a reverse harem; two, that also means there are plenty of bishies; three, everything else is also gorgeous; four, no helpless/hopelessly in love heroine; and five; I love the time period and magical fantasy of it all. I’ll be kinda talking about both the first and second seasons since they really just go together and that’s just how my train of thought goes… I think.

Ah… I love this show… not only is this an awesome pic but this show has gorgeous backgrounds… lol

So, as with any harem, this leads to numerous pairings, and fangirl fights and whatnot. I for one, am a fan of ShuureixSeiran, but after finishing the show I’m also kind of leaning towards ShuureixRyuuren. I don’t mind ShuureixRyuuki or other pairings but you gotta realize, the dude’s the EMPEROR! And this would mean thatShuurei would have to give up her dream of being an official to marry him (due to conflicts of interest) and she doesn’t even love him that way, or at least she hasn’t admitted it to herself yet. But obviously, that point is debatable. I won’t deny that she cares about him, but it is still nowhere near how much and how openly he loves her. And they didn’t even say the time limit for their bet in the anime (OMG I was screaming at my computer screen at this point. I was like “NO!!!! This is where you chose to END IT? EFF YOU!” (I usually forget a lot of what I say when I’m angry so I can’t quite remember if I actually swore or not. But you get the point. I was PISSED.)) According to a comment on THAT, it is something ambiguous like “a while but not that long”. My guess is less than a year? What’s even more annoying is that the original adaptation of this series is in novel form so that means it’s not at all likely to be fully translated! We’ll get some summaries from awesome japanese-speaking fans online and I love them so much for taking the time to write out excerpts and stuff for the rest of us, but I would love even more to be able to read it in its entirety. But that will forever remain a wish… But I still love this show! Baby Shuurei will cheer me up!

Aww… so cute… I would love to try her manjuu buns that everyone is raving about. Mmm…

Anyway, back to the next point: bishies. This show is FULL of bishies and I love it ๐Ÿ™‚ (there’s even one who’s so beautiful that even men fall in love with him and his fiancรฉ left him to marry his best friend because he was too beautiful and so he wears a mask. Poor guy.) But… there is a point where these gorgeous men become too androgynous (even for me) and it gets weird… (I’m looking at YOU, Sa Sakujun)

(Would you believe this is a man? Had you not known beforehand of course.)

Sakujun’s not the only feminine character out there. There’s also Anju, but I don’t mind his femininity so much because he’s just so cool, so he gets away with it. (I do NOT like Sakujun… that little… ugh)

See? Anju’s just too cool.

Anyway, my amount of writing seems to be diminishing and getting overcome by pictures, so I’m just gonna help it along. Yay for more pictures!

Seiran’s definitely got a dark side. But it’s hilarious.

By far Ryuuren’s best outfit. And I love his hair down. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I’m just annoyed and sad there won’t be anymore… we won’t see more of the Bara-hime arc or anything beyond that because I doubt there will be a third season. That sucks. The novels are still far ongoing but that doesn’t really help… we can get summaries but never the little things that add to character development. Or if some people are nice/awesome enough to do that, they still can’t do everything. These are novels, not three-page stories.
Man, I need to learn Japanese…

Oh and I don’t think I need to expand on this, but this is a 10/10. ๐Ÿ™‚

Random Quote:
(Shusui is brainwashed and fighting Shuuei)
Ryuuki: Shuuei! Can’t you help her through your love? That’s the usual way of reversing brainwashing, right?!
Jyuusan-Hime: Exactly! That’s the only thing you’re good at anyway, brother!
Jin chuckles.
Shuuei: Shusui-dono, wake up! Shusui-dono! (Thinking) It’s not working! I seriously didn’t want to do this, but this is the last resort! … AAH! Isn’t that Shouka-sama over there?
Shusui stopped immediately.
Ryuuki: Shuuei! Have you no pride as a man?! How shameful!
Jyuusan-Hime:That was the worst, brother!
Jin: You know, there’s a limit to not caring how you do things.
Shuuei: Hey, shut up! I didn’t have any choice, damnit!
– Saiunkoku Monogatari II, ep 37
(See the same scene translated from the novels by Kagedreams here)


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  1. the deadline for their bet was ……. (ryuuki speaking)…….. ” when the cherry blossoms bloom.” ………….. that was what he said if i correctly remember, cuz i was also pissed cuz i heard nothin’……… i thought our computer was ****ing broken……….but it wasn’t.

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