Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! And for the rest of you, did you do anything nice for your mothers? I went out with my mom to see some of the flowers that were out (there’s a HUGE area of tulips pretty close to where I am in all sorts of colours so that was pretty) and then we went out for lunch. It was unfortunate but it was FREEZING outside. Like around 5°C. That’s not that cold but in MAY?! Seriously. But anyway, when we got home, we had a bouquet made of fruit from Edible Arrangements for dessert. It was great!

Very pretty, no? Very tasty too. I would have loved strawberries and some of the apples (they’re the ones completely covered with chocolate) dipped in white chocolate too but apparently that wasn’t an option? It probably would have been more expensive anyway. I’m kind of annoyed that white chocolate always gets shafted. Racism! lol. This also reminded me of a random thing that I want: a melon baller. they are so cool! I don’t why but I’m fascinated with them and I think it’d be so cool if I got one. It’s like an ice cream scooper for big fruits! I’m amused by these things.

Anyway, this week was INSANE (though, it was partly my fault for procrastinating but never mind that) so I haven’t been able to do too much but I still have tons of stuff to write about including Kuroshitsuji, Antique Bakery and Bartender (those two might go together) plus random others so yeah! Look forward to that!

Random Quote: No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. – Aesop


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