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It’s crazy right now. I was planning to write a review on Kuroshitsuji, and possibly a joint one with Bartender and Antique Bakery, but then I got sidetracked and ended up finishing Grey’s Anatomy (omg!) and Lost (OMFG!) and then I was doing some missions in Crisis Core and now I’m preparing to fight Minerva and I’m gonna see Star Trek in a couple hours but I’m going shopping first so I have to get ready now and then I realized I need to finish reading Angels and Demons in time for next week so I read it before I watch the movie. And somehow I ended up on YouTube for a few hours and watched some more Whose Line Is It Anyway (here are two more good ones) and then I came across one of Bandai’s featured videos of Code Geass which is pretty cool that they got it on Youtube and it’s open to Canada too! lol.
However, it is dubbed so for those who want the original, the sub can be found on Crunchyroll, although you have at least the free membership… I think? lol I don’t even know. Anyway, I need to start watching that show…

Oh and I have an English essay due on Tuesday and a French one due on Friday, both of which I have barely started (and I’m already exaggerating). Yeah.
I’m really sorry there hasn’t been too much here in the past couple weeks but there will be more!
Anyway, I need to get ready before I’m gonna be late (did I ever mention I was almost an hour late to my own surprise party? Yeah.) so later!

Random Quote:
Sawara: When you hear “love”, what do you associate it with?
(Prompt answer with utter conviction)
– Skip Beat chapter 5
Oh Kyoko… how I love you so…


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