Crisis Core… it’s over…!

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Doesn’t it kinda look like a Kingdom Hearts cover artwork?

I cried. Twice.
And this is seriously saying something because I’ve never cried after reading any story or watching any movie in my life. I’d say the closest I came to watery eyes would be at the end of the Sailor Moon manga, but I was bawling here. And I even quickly played through the whole game again the next day (and loved every moment of it even more if that’s possible) and I still cried. Possibly more. I was so immersed into this story and the awesome and fairly interactive ending even though I knew what was coming, but it was amazing. I can’t really say anything more than that.

But of course, I will.
And it will be after my SPOILERS AHOY warning.

Before we dive in, I just want to say if you live in LA, you have to go see this and send me more pictures so I can live through you vicariously. The Square-Enix blog says it’s at the corner of S. Figueroa Street and Olympic Boulevard in Downtown Los Angeles. I wish I could see the real thing. And it’s kinda funny that it’s overtop the Grand Theft Auto poster. Take that! lol.

Use brings about wear, tear, and rust. And that’s a real waste.
– Angeal, Crisis Core

Alright. I will try to make this as less random as I possibly can, so wish me luck!

Unattainable dreams are the best kind.
– Lazard, Crisis Core

Okay that wasn’t the most on-track start, but here we go. I’m just going to tell you right now that I give this game a 10/10 overall and on all points. Though maybe just a 9 more game length. Also, I need to say that I have played Final Fantasy VII (and numerous times) but not in the past 5 or 6 years, so I can’t say I remember all the details that FFVII had for Zack (and Cloud’s) past but I remember enough to know how things go. Speaking of which, I NEED to replay FFVII. And I even have it on this computer… Hmm… But I need to download the XP patch, right? I remember having to do that on my old computer so I’m assuming I’ll have to do it again. No big deal. But oh man is that an awesome game. Love…

And while Last Order is pretty cool since it’s animated, the plot itself has many flaws that contradict what happens in both FFVII and Crisis Core, so I’m not really sure what that’s about.

Anyway, I’m getting off topic! Sorry! But I also really hope that after this game, Zack will get the attention he deserves because he makes Cloud who he is. And Zack is just plain awesome. I mean who can kill 200 worms with an umbrella? Yeah. He kinda reminds me of Tidus with his crazy energy and personally, he deserves better than Aerith. Yes, she does later save the world even after her death, but she is one weird and picky girl. I mean she doesn’t like the flower wagon Zack makes for her or the second one but only kinda likes the third one! Seriously. But anyway, Zack is a great friend who unfortunately watches almost everyone around him die and ends up sacrificing his life to save his friend, Cloud. He is too amazing.

No way… he just ate my hair!
– Zack, Crisis Core

Oh and I don’t really know how to take screenshots from my PSP so I’m just gonna point you to the IGN images (And being after the spoiler warning, I would hope you realize that these images also contain spoilers. I do have some basic knowledge of organization. Albeit pretty basic.)

You’re a little more important than my sword… But just a little.
– Angeal, Crisis Core

Angeal is such a great character. And initiates crazy character development for Zack. It’s quite sad since Angeal is the first person Zack loses, and ends up dying by his hand. I would hate to be put in that situation, even if it was to save his honour. Also, I find most flashbacks very interesting (except for the recent ones in the Naruto manga) so playing a whole game that’s basically a flashback is pretty awesome. It was very cool to see Zack and Aerith’s first meeting (and the parallels there with Cloud and Aerith’s first meeting) as well as reliving the Nibelheim events and even little Yuffie, who, although quite annoying, was actually pretty cute. I also love the little things here and there that really showed you that this was the same world as FFVII with the mention of the chocobo racer, Joe and his chocobo, Teioh, the minigames, LOVELESS (which is pretty crazily important), oh and the squats, the Highwind, and the whole Exhibition Room in the Shinra Building. Heck, just being in the Shinra building was awesome. I was just slightly annoyed that we didn’t get to see Vincent. You can check one of the coffins in the Shinra Mansion basement and see Zack open it but then he’s like “Someone’s sleeping. Let’s not disturb him.” YES YOU SHOULD DISTURB HIM! Or at least let us look at him! But no.
Hmm… just thinking about it, that means Vincent was sleeping there for at least 7 years? Wow.

Angeal: Sephiroth, have you lost weight?
Sephiroth: Humph.
– Crisis Core

And who could forget the music. Simply amazing. Tons of songs from the original game with a rocky twist plus a bunch of new beats? Fabulous. Sure, the new stuff is more repetitive than your usual Nobuo Uematsu stuff, but I think it works with the electric guitar. It is by no means as good as Uematsu but the remixes are awesome and the rest is still a great listen. I seriously need to get the soundtrack. I should get on that… I have a bunch of the other OSTs from the other FF games on my playlist already 🙂 . I also thought the gameplay was really cool. the mix between the real-time combat system and still being able to have random battles was pretty ingenious. I also liked the idea of having the side Missions that you could do at any save point at any time. The only thing was that there were a ridiculous number of them and by the end of it, you’d be ridiculously overpowered. The Heike Soul, Ziedrich, Divine Slayer, and all of the Genji equipment basically make you a God. Add in Costly Punch, SP Master and materia fused added stat bonuses and you are an invincible killing machine. Literally. It’s pretty awesome. Maybe that’s why there’s New Game+ and a Hard Mode…? I actually think that won’t make much of a difference lol.

What do you mean, final?!
– Zack, Crisis Core

Anyway, if I had to criticize this game, I’d say it’d be the overload of missions and the shortness of the actual game. Also, I would have loved to have fought the dragon with Sephiroth, but that was not in the game. Other than that, this game greatly exceeded my expectations. I knew people were saying it was good, and I thought it was AMAZING. Anything that can move me enough to even watery eyes never mind actual tears deserves high marks in my books. But it was just so sad! I couldn’t handle it. The ending was just too reeling with the DMW-ness… And his final speech to Cloud, since he’d be the last person who knows Zack existed since Shinra would probably destroy all the evidence and people would think he’s already dead after the four years they were locked up in the Shinra Mansion and Aerith sent her final letter… Cloud would be living proof he existed. His living legacy. Aww… I might start crying again… it’s just so sad…!

And yes, Zack, you became a hero.

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