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On second thought, don’t answer that.

Oh that devilish smile of yours…

lol Finally. After a long time (it must be close to a month by now… sorry!) I’ve gotten around to writing/posting this review/something about Kuroshitsuji. I thought this show was fabulous but unfortunate that the amount of comedy started to die down by the end. This show had great potential at the beginning but became a love-it-or-hate-it show for many by the end. Nevertheless, I still thought it was good and would recommend it to any dark fantasy/comedy lover. And the cast (and voice cast) are simply amazing.
And I don’t know why but Photobucket randomly makes my pictures black and white for some reason… it’s really weird… Hmm…

On a another not, anyone else excited for E3? And apparently the 3 new games to be revealed by Square-Enix?

Anyway, with a SPOILERS warning, shall we?

Aren’t you one romantic devil.

So if you haven’t guessed, Sebastian is my favourite character, voiced by Daisuke Ono and his sly comments and his mysterious ability to do just about anything makes the decision too easy. And do I need to go into his looks? Didn’t think so. 🙂 . But all the characters in this show are amazing. Ciel (voiced by Maaya Sakamoto!) and his constant “trying to show no emotion and be one of the grown-ups” attitude as well as Madam Red, who although dies quite early is a very cool character but she kinda needed to die to show even more that Ciel is really alone. Then of course there’s the crazy staff of the Phantomhive manor from Tanaka and his tea to the blind maid (who’s really a sniper. Wow.) to the explosive cook.

The cook’s reply was that it was faster that way. Oh really?

Let’s not forget the superstrong gardener and the fire-breathing were-wolf who’s more on the wolf side? That’s where it got weird. Plus that scene with him and the angel together … And don’t even get me started on the angel… the evil hermaphroditic angel? I thought the evil part was cool but the complete genderswitching made it so much creepier. Oh and the undertaker (who’s the creepiest/funniest character I’ve seen) and death god Grell Sutcliff. Oh god… that guy is frickin hilarious! His yaoi tendencies are hilarious and he’s such a romantic but his love is completely unrequited. He’s also creepily fabulous. The animation adds to this wonderfully.
Elizabeth is too annoying to mention (although I just did… but what the heck) and this is to stop me from ranting about her annoyingness which rivals that of Orihime and any rich oblivious egotistical bastard. I’m sure you can name one.

He means the “smell of decaying apples form the ground”, aka an angel.

I thought this show was pretty cool in that it dealt with “good” demons, (neutral-ish) death gods, and evil angels. Not only is it flipped from the usual, but it also included all three groups, when most series will only talk about a pair of them. There were also many things that were central to Kuroshitsuji that made the show that much better. The balance between seriousness and comedy was perfect, the array of characters (although all crazy) was quite fitting, I thought, for this kind of show. And the whole connection with the queen of England and her loyal ‘dogs’ and just the atmosphere was really cool.

This was so cool. I love symbols and themes and stuff.

It was the perfect setup for a great show, but I do feel it did not quite live up to its potential by the end of it. The beginning was great and then it started to go downhill… still enjoyable but I think partly because the manga’s still ongoing and the having to create their own ending and stuff… I haven’t been keeping up with the manga but as far as I know, Angela (and therefore Ash I guess too?) are anime-only and animes have been known to butcher non-canon endings (Claymore comes to mind… although Ouran Host Club’s ending was actually very well done… okay that wasn’t the greatest example). So then that doesn’t really explain who was actually involved in the deaths of Ciel’s parents, no? I should read up on that.
Anyway, the ending was… okay for me.

Yes, my Lord.

Tallying it up,
Overall 8
Story 8
Animation 9
Sound 8
Character 9
Enjoyment 9

I didn’t feel like posting too many pictures so you can see more (mainly from the awesome op) here.

Random Quote: The image reflected in a picture is but an illusion. However, even if it is an illusion, wishing to hold onto it is one of the hollow dreams humans have. – Sebastian, Kuroshitsuji


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