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Exams are done. And so is school.
For a week.
Then I have summer school for 3 weeks. I hope it’s not too awkward because while I do know the people in my class, they’re not people I would usually talk to so it might get weird… can’t say I’m looking forward to that, but we’ll see. As well, due to exams, I haven’t been watching too much stuff but I have been reading (due to the logic that a chapter can be read in under 5 minutes so I have a good place to stop at anytime… not. Stupid cliffhangers.) I’ve actually started to read xxxHolic (I’m at like chapter 50-ish) and it’s really cool! Well, CLAMP is awesome, but I like the subtle references to other stuff in the CLAMP world, particularly what’s going on in Tsubasa. But I guess because they have more than one manga running ‘weekly’ that they have to take more breaks to keep up… still, it’s very cool. I like the style of xxxHolic which at first seems like an unrelated name (at least to me) but it makes more sense because the people that Yuuko’s wish shop usually have are some sort of addiction or some sort of negative repetition, which makes it a *something*holic, or xxxHolic. I was not cool enough to think of that myself; I did read it on a board I think on Mangafox…? But anyway, it’s the best explanation I’ve seen and actually makes more sense and has importance in the story than some other titles out there. (Bleach anyone? Sure Ichigo’s got orange/bleached hair, but so what? It’s not like he’s the ONLY character with orange hair in that show. Or maybe I’m just blind and not seeing the big picture. That’s quite possible.)

But anyway, I’m hoping to catch up on other shows fairly soon. I stopped FMA for a couple weeks because I wanted to watch Al’s “Am I real?” emo moments all together but then I realized they already came to… the point of divergence at like episode 10? So I’m also hoping to read the manga first to at least catch up to that point so I can compare having read the manga first… er second if you include the first series… this is getting confusing. But anyway, I’m gonna read the manga a bit first before I delve back into that. And I haven’t really been watching Naruto or Bleach for a while but I think I’ll skim through the fillers then start watching a bit more seriously once I get to the point that’s non-filler again. While I do love seeing series animated, fillers often ruin it. Especially when they significantly add to the show’s length. But anyway, not my decision…

And, actually, I once again got sidetracked. Yesterday I started replaying Final Fantasy XII. I had started a power gamethrough (being around level 45 before reaching the Palace via the Dustia trick) but had never really done anything with it, except for a speedthrough for story one time. I guess that kind of is what I’m doing again but I’m going a bit further trying to get the rare steals and stuff. It took me forever to get a Kotetsu from the wolves (didn’t drop until I got an 80-chain. Blah.) but once I got one I got two more right after, so that was cool.

Other things that I’ve noticed is how AWESOME of a character Balthier really is. He’s got the best lines in the game. And at the same time I remembered how STUPID Vaan is. That was really annoying.

*Early spoilers ahead*

What I also thought was cool was recognizing the twins the first time being Reks. Having heard Basch more now, you can tell the difference, but in the first playthrough, you can’t really tell, (And if you’re one of the people who did, wow you’re observant and really cool.) especially because all this stuff is coming at you so fast. And while they never address it, Fran’s hovermotorcycle (I dunno what to call it) crashed because of the Dusk Shard (I got that after the fact on the first playthrough but just putting it out there) and then Ondore slyly states that to keep his position and to get the party to rescue Ashe, they’d have to be taken as prisoners and Balthier realizes saying “Wait!” but Basch says “I’m sorry” or something along the lines of that as he draws his sword against the Marquis and they’re taken prisoner on purpose. That I definitely did not get the first time around, what with it going so fast and the old-fashioned (? Once again I don’t really know what to call it) talking. Anyway, I stopped around the Sandsea for now, so nothing else too new, surprising or “Eureka!”-ish here lol.
Oh and I also remembered how useless the official guide is. It does not have maps of everywhere, it says “see page ???” quite frequently suggesting it was either not finished, not edited, or both, and does not list all the rare monsters and how some of them only appear within a certain time. Nevertheless, seeing as I don’t have a laptop or a near computer, it is all I have but I still go to GameFaqs for the good stuff. Thank goodness.

Now my schedule should go back to the usual Saturdays. That’ll be better. 🙂

Random Quotes
– Balthier special!

Balthier: I play the leading man. Who else?

The gods do not smile upon us.
Balthier: I like it better that way.

Balthier: Nobody knows men like Fran does.
– Final Fantasy XII

And that’s just up to where I am. Yay! lol


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