Happy Fourth of July!

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And Happy Canada Day from earlier this week!

I started summer school this week and while it’s not quite the “no homework” that I had last summer, it’s still pretty close to be okay. My teacher likes to go off-topic and tell stories so it’s pretty interesting, even for three straight weeks of math/statistics. I find that teachers make or break how much I enjoy a class so I’m lucky that this teacher makes the course bearable.

Anyway, that aside, I’ve been really sidetracked so I need to make another list of what I should do/am in the middle of doing and should keep doing.

EDIT: (After reading the new Bleach Chapter) FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although I wasn’t expecting both at the same time (I was expecting that to be stretched) THEY ARE FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– still playing FFXII, but more than halfway I’d say. This is also the first run where I’ve gotten Fomalhauts and wow they’re awesome. But I’m hoping to get two Masamunes so I can do this (even though this is a little faster, I’m more excited about the combos). I’m around level 75 (with three characters and 50 with the others. I’ll bring them up once I do the henne bats (abysteels) trick when it’s possible) going to Giruvegan and I just got Chaos. I’ll go fight Gilgamesh to get my first of two Masamunes and then try Cúchulainn before going on with the story. After the next bit, I should have 10 espers so I can do the abysteel trick then. And no new Balthier quotes… unless I count the one when Reddas says that his “apprentice” (Vaan) is more sky pirate than he is and Balthier replies “I don’t have an apprentice.” That’s a pretty funny scene.
– I’ve barely touched Okami and KH Re:CoM, but that’ll be after FFXII. And I am hopefully gonna get FFVII for my PSP soon… lol
– finish Ristorante Paradiso (this should be done in time for next week so I can finally do a combined review with Bartender and Antique Bakery. lol this one is a long time coming but also because RP just finished? Or maybe I just noticed it now.)
– catch up on Naruto/Bleach/FMA anime, FMA manga (this should also be done tentatively. We’ll see how quickly this goes though…)
– continue catching up on xxxHolic (I still have more than 100 chapters to go… although these chapters are pretty short so that should go pretty quickly. I don’t know how long FMA’s chapters are, but I’m pretty sure they’re more than 15 pages each…)

lol I’m sure there’s more but this is enough for now, right? 🙂

Random Quote:Just like a peach, she makes people want to crush her and drop her in a ten-thousand feet deep abyss. – Kouki(Gyoshidai chief) to Anju about Shuurei, Saiunkoku Monogatari II ep 24
lol who the hell wants to do that to a PEACH?


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