If only there was a restaurant of paradise…

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Well, to some people, it would be Casetta Dell’orso, but I’ll admit I don’t think it is. But then again, I must be wrong since the show is called Ristorante Paradiso.

lol well I guess this is paradise for someone, right?

But yeah… hmmm…. so I initially wrote this in parts and assumed by the end it wouldn’t be that long so I could put all three show reviews together but it ended up being kinda long… plus I am going to be busy in the next couple weeks with my summer school exam and then going to California and so I’m going to split this up. Oh the suspense lol.

Oh and this should go without saying by now but there be SPOILERS ahead.

I gotta admit, I thought it was really weird at first. I mean, they’re all old guys! Good-looking, to be sure, but it was still kinda weird. But I guess I kinda got used to it as it went along. But I was like “No… Nicoletta… don’t fall in love with one of them…!” but I was also thinking that she has to fall in love with at least one of them… she needs a romantic interest somewhere, but ugh… I didn’t really like that.

And I guess that’s also why I did not expect Nicoletta and Claudio to end up together. Partly because I didn’t want them to end up together but it looked like it would end an unrequited love which I would have preferred, but maybe it’s because I’m still in shock over the huge age gap. I was kinda hoping it’d be more like the kind of harem where all the guys are after her, but that didn’t happen and the opposite didn’t happen either. she had her eyes on claudio since the get-go, which at least shows her consistency.

Right… to keep the customers away. And it takes you 11 episodes before you take it off…?

But then in the second episode…

Sexual aggression aside, where did his ring go?

But by the end…

Cute… but weird.

That aside, I personally think there are some major flaws in the plot. if Lorenzo loved Olga so much that he’d open a restaurant to suit her tastes in men (fetish…), you think he’d care about a kid? Of course, by the end we find out he would have preferred a woman who hadn’t already been married but he doesn’t mind it, but still! I’d think at this point, Nicoletta should get mad and say something along the lines of “So you mean I spent most of my life abandoned by my mother for NOTHING?!?!?!” But no. She never says anything about this, or even beforehand and getting mad at Lorenzo for taking her mother from her. (maybe I think this way because i hold grudges? my pride wouldn’t let me be able to let it go that easily.) She only thinks of it as her mother leaving her, but I think it’s important to look at both sides. Sure, your mother left you, but it was for a guy who didn’t have to have to deal with you. This is why I don’t like it when people go so far to please others, particularly in romantic relationships. If they don’t like you for yourself, then they’re not good enough for you. It’s alright to change a little bit but to go as far as abandoning your daughter? Really? If he loves you, he’ll love your daughter. Seriously. I think that was a stupid plot device that was not even played well. Kind of disappointing. Also, why exactly is Nicoletta in Italy? Yes, her first reason was to surprise her mother and maybe even tell her husband who she is but she ends up living there alone without a job? This is addressed in the first couple of episodes but what was she planning to do with the rest of her life? I’d say dropping the bomb on her stepfather would be maybe a week-long trip and could really be done in a few seconds, but she planned to live there? I don’t understand. This was another not-well-thought-out plot device to get her to work at the restaurant and constantly be around these guys. I wonder what the manga is like… Hmm…

But anyway, the food in the show looked fancy and amazing. And I’ll say that all the previews are very misleading. It’s weird. But the music was awesome! I added the whole OST to my regular playlist and it’s awesome. Nostalgia is one of my favourite ones right now.


Overall 7
Story 6
Animation 9
Sound 9
Character 8
Enjoyment 8

Not bad, but it had the potential to be better. But the array of characters, the animation, and the music is great.

Random Quote:

– Nicoletta, Ristorante Paradiso


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