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Wow this past week has been CRAZY! Lots of stuff going on. (Making this a pretty long post.Partly to make up for last week too I guess.)
So I just got back from California visiting my sister and it was so much fun!
We saw No Doubt in concert which was great! (and which was also my first concert experience so that was cool. Gwen is amazing live. She’s all over the place dancing and running into the crowds and interactive and stuff. Very cool. And I’m still surprised I still have my voice after that night. lol).
We also went to San Francisco and it was actually pretty sunny when we went (which is apparently rare) but we still weren’t able to get a good glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was like all the clouds decided to huddle over the bridge.

This was the best pic I could get.

Then we went to visit Google (which was great! Free food too!) which was pretty cool. A very chill place that’s quite colourful for an office building. I had always heard that it was different from other places but seeing it for my own eyes was really different.

And we went to visit Stanford which is too gorgeous for a university.

And the palm trees! Pretty!

OOH and I have a PSP and a DS now! I still haven’t gotten FFVII but that’s on hold for now since I still have other stuff on my list. Of course, if I got it, it would jump to being my top priority, so I’m holding that off for now to try and get some other things done first. I’ve started FFIII first because my sister has it too and needs a friend to send mail to to start a sidequest (to get the onion knight job if I’m not mistaken) so I did that as well. But I also have FF Fables: Chocobo Tales which I’ve also started but man those mini-games are hard! And I also have The World Ends With You which looks pretty good, apart from simply being from Square Enix. So I’ve got even more on my table now lol.

And while I was in California, I played some Rock Band and while I didn’t recognize a lot of the names of the songs, I’m glad to say that I recognized most of the guitar riffs and choruses. Which was cool. There are some really good songs there. And I also tried playing Portal while I was there (Yes I do realize it came out a while ago but meh). I’m not usually big on first person shooter games (don’t ask why I got Dirge Of Cerberus) but the beginning was okay since no one was shooting at me. I had to stop once dudes started shooting at me but I had a good 2 hours of playtime with cool puzzles and stuff. It was creepy but really cool. What I’m kinda bummed about now though is that (by looking online) I realized that I was almost done the game… and I also learned that I could use the companion cube as a shield against the shooting? I think? Also, I get “hurt” from the shots and I see my blood spatter on the walls (which is kinda cool but creepy) but I don’t think I die? Because I also saw a strategy online of going up to the little dudes and dropping them on the floor. But I kept thinking, “How do I do that if they’re hurting me?” So I’m slightly confused about that. lol but I thought it was cool I at least got to the point where I saw in a cell or something that on the wall it said “The cake is a lie.” That was pretty cool. And this game has once again confirmed my inability to jump in a video game. It started with KH:CoM, then with Okami, and now with Portal. Although I’ll admit Portal is different since I’m not used to not seeing my feet and where specifically I am standing. I kept having to look down whenever I jumped. But I will say right now that there was one jump over fatal water that I couldn’t do and it took me a good 20 minutes to do it. Luckily it saved right before the jump, but still. Maybe I’ll try playing again the next time I visit Cali.

So I mentioned a while ago that I was doing a power-playthrough of FFXII which I had started a while ago and since I wanted a second Masamune, I needed to make it and get the Gemsteel loot which requires 2 Hell Gate’s Flames per nugget of Gemsteel. And OMG it took forever. It took me a 335 chain of Tartaruses and Cerberuses to get 6 hell-gate’s flames (and one of them I got from Enkidu so really only 5 were dropped). BLAH. But anyway, I’m currently getting everyone to level 99 using the Abysteel trick (well it’s not even really a trick lol but anyway) and I have half my party up there now. After getting Zodiark (and maybe a Ribbon since I was never able to get one in previous playthroughs) I’ll head to the Pharos to get the last couple things I need for the Masamune and then pwn the final boss. I do realize I could get those other pieces of loot elsewhere but I’m under the assumption that the rates of getting them are higher in the Pharos. Yup, that’s my plan.

(Spoilers unless you’ve read the synopsis to W-Juliet II. Then you’ve already been spoiled.)
And I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’ve never wanted a cheesy ending more than I do right now. I just finished W-Juliet II, which was still awesome because of the characters that I love but the latest plot was not that great. There was more of a focus on other side characters, which I don’t mind every once in a while but seeing as this was what would end the series for good, I was not impressed. This is like the anime ending to Tsubasa Chronicles. Fillers. Not cool. I mean, it can’t be that hard to have some sort of “we’ll be together forever” final spread or something pretty or EVEN a wedding ceremony if not the main characters’ but maybe the other pairings in this series (there are quite a few that are all fairly developed which is pretty impressive) but NOTHING! The final page isn’t even OF the main characters! That was disappointing. From that perspective, the ending to W-Juliet is MUCH better. And it really is. The random specials are nice but they are kind of random. Still, this is a great story but I do feel it could have gone a bit further. But meh, that’s the way it goes. I still love Ito and Makoto. They may not be quite as high up on my list as Kyoko Mogami from Skip Beat, but I’ll admit they are still up there.

And progress has been made in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle with the latest chapter coming full circle. It is starting to become clearer, but it’s still pretty confusing. We’re definitely in the last stretch though… which is kind of sad… still, this is a great manga that will, if not literally, blow your mind.

And someone had mentioned this to me before but I never got around to taking a look at it but yesterday I started watching a bunch of videos by Flight of the Concords. They are quite cool. Music and comedy together? Fabulous.

I’m sure I have more to say but I’m gonna get cracking on what I have right now. I’m excited!

Random Quote: Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow. – Mark Twain


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