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Being me, I forgot to say anything about how I was going to be away at my friend’s cottage for a week! But that aside, I had NO INTERNET! This trip reminded me of my dependence on it and how integral it has become in our everyday lives. Not that it’s completely a bad thing, though. Just something to think about. Particularly how many hours you spend in a day staring at a screen… and what time of day… but anyway, I was always busy so I think there were only two long moments when I thought about wanting the internet and that was only because some of the people I was with were going into town that day to go to an internet cafe and the other time was because I remember it was Friday and I’d have to read my weekly manga and possibly start writing my weekly(ish) post. Which I have to say was pretty impressive. I still can’t believe I survived a whole week! Of course, that will make me even more behind but that’s just something I have to deal with… lol

While at the cottage, I was able to see this cool sky after a storm.

It’s really cool because you can still see some blue in the sky mixed with the pink as well as a rainbow and where the sunset is currently hitting the trees. Very cool. Here is some more of the mix of pink and blue sky and this one is full out pink.

Anyway, checking past Gamefaqs polls, there’s apparently a slim PS3 for $299 coming in September? It is at a much better price right now but I still don’t have any games that I’m dying to play on it yet. Once FFXIII comes out though… well, we’ll have to wait. Especially because that article says “sorry, Sony didn’t add IR or backwards compatibility for PS2 games”, although this may possibly still work since it does have USB ports and PS1 games can be bought and downloaded from the PlayStation Store. Or is that only PS1 games and not PS2…? Hmm. I dunno. But that is kinda important because I still play a lot of my PS2 games… we’ll see.

My friend showed me a video of this crazy Chinese acro-ballet that is insanely awesome and even with the acrobatics, it’s still so graceful. Beautiful. Yet insane. I’m speechless.

So I’m playing Final Fantasy III on my newly borrowed DS (thanks sis!) and a couple things come to mind. One, I think it’s kind of cool how in some areas you have to become mini or toad to get through. I like it when magic is used for more than just battles. Maybe that’s why I loved Golden Sun so much. But anyway, there’s that and also the uninventive castle names. They just name them after the king! I’m sorry but Castle Sasune, Castle Argus and Castle Hein are just not very good names. The first one would have been alright until I found out it was the king’s name. You’d think they’d be able to come up with a better name. Also, why is Aero considered white magic? I mean it’s helpful since it’s the only real offensive magic that a white mage can have at this point (why don’t you ever get Holy at the beginning of a game?) but still feels a little out of place. And, as my sister pointed out since she is also playing this (which was great since we were able to send messages to each other for the quest to get the Onion Knight job) but plot-wise, it’s pretty vague. We have to save the world and visit the four crystals but right now we just help out whoever comes our way. Not that there’s anything wrong with helping people, but this being the main thing moving the plot really shows there is no plot. And that’s kind of important in an RPG. This is the earliest Final Fantasy game I’ve played but I’m sure the first two must have had a bit more of a plot than this. But maybe I’m still quite early on in the game? I dunno. There are still general things happening in the plot that we learn about and have to do but it’s so spread out that I forget about it. But anyway, that’s what’s on my mind right now.

Now, I will definitely remember to say that next week I won’t have a post because one, I’ll be in Toronto, and two, because I will be there for the Fan Expo! I’ll try to get some awesome pictures 🙂

Random Quote: What’s really going to bake your noodle later on is, would you still have broken it if I hadn’t said anything? – The Oracle, The Matrix
Watched it yesterday lol


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