No I did not go see the Jonas Brothers…

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Or the Wonder Girls (grr. I’m jealous of my friends who did see them sing Nobody). I was at the Fan Expo!

This is a little late now but the end of summer and school were a little higher up on my list so yeah! Better late than never? lol

It was an action-packed three days (with little sleep) and an awesome time. My only regret is that I didn’t use a lot of flash in my pictures so many ended up blurry but I was just trying to be nice and not add to the blindness created by all the other flash photographers. But apparently, it was needed. I still have a lot of pictures though so it’s alright.

I went with my sister and my brother-in-law and since we had bought our tickets ahead of time, we were allowed to get into the convention earlier but because my sister was dressing up, time went by and we ended up getting there when everyone arrived. And just for the record, it was not my sister’s fault for being slow. If I had been in her position, I would have taken just as long if not longer.

But anyway, all we missed was the first showing of the Tron:Legacy sneak peek which we saw later and MAN was that a disappointment. And it was irritating because they made us leave all our cameras at the door so we were hoping for like a 10-minute clip of the movie or something. It was actually funny because between the three of us we had a fairly insane amount of cameras and phones with cameras (two cameras (I had a third but didn’t bring it) and something like 3 or four cellphones with cameras because we had our usual phones and a couple with Toronto numbers (why we didn’t just move the SIM card around I do not know but whatever) so when we gave all our stuff to the guy handling everything, his face was just so surprised and he had to pause for a second lol. Anyway, all it was was the trailer (which has been online for a while), some concept pictures, and this one scene from the beginning of the movie which is BEFORE the guy gets into the game world. So really, we saw nothing. The only thing that WAS cool was the life-size light cycle on the exhibit floor.


Anyway so the first person I saw was Brad Swaile and I went alone for this one because the last big thing Brad was in was Death Note and my sister and brother-in-law are in the middle/beginning of watching it so I was worried about spoilers. While there was nothing particularly spoilerish about the plot, there were definitely ending spoilers. I like going to see voice actors not just because they’re in my favourite shows but because they’re usually outgoing people that just love what they do. I’m not saying other actors don’t love what they do but I feel like they’re usually more motivated by money than voice actors because for many of them, it is not their full-time job (like Brad is a graphic designer). That and because they’re not as mainstream in their popularity, they’re more down-to-earth people that are just really cool.

Here’s Brad doing Light’s maniacal laugh. (no spoilers here)

Brad’s session ended up going a little long (which was no problem with me lol) but I still had to leave before it ended to get to the session for James Kyson Lee (from Heroes fame). He was alright and the conversation was bound to be interesting because how can superheroes not be interesting? But that being said, James himself was… alright. Nothing particularly special or anything but still a cool guy.
Here’s a pretty cool clip from that session. You probably can’t hear the question but it was “Did you think about playing Sulu in the Star Trek movie?”

Next we saw Walter Koenig (Chekov, duh) and he was pretty hilarious. He did an amazing impression of George Takei which I unfortunately did not get on video tape but I’m sure it’s out there somewhere. (found it! There are two bits. It actually doesn’t sound as good on this video as it did when I was there, but it’s still great) That and his stories with George and Bill (Shatner) were definitely the highlights of that session.

Here he is at the signing area.

Then we saw the Tron: Legacy Sneak Peek which as I said was a horrible disappointment and that plus a few minutes at the J-Pop dance concluded Day 1.

Here are two cool trios from Avatar and Kingdom Hearts that I saw.

More to come for Day 2 and 3! There will probably be more pictures and less videos next time.
Oh! And I’m done FFIII which was alright… too much focus on grinding to a perfect game (like all those jobs…) but I still got my whole team to level 99. That wasn’t too hard. And that added with not many sidequests made it kind of boring. And what’s the point of playing after you’ve beaten the final boss? I was a little confused there. But now I’m thinking it may be because the last save point was so far away so some people may have thought “I may as well go all the way even though there are some things I haven’t finished” so that’s what that is for. But seriously there was a hefty amount of stuff at the end with no save points and could be insanely hard for people who aren’t anywhere near level 99, which is quite unfortunate. Anyway, now I’m starting The World Ends With You and I’m trying to play Chocobo Tales but a lot of the minigames are so hard… it has some pretty good lines though. I need to find a game script… Particularly from Croma, the black mage. Right now I’m thinking of “Holy deus ex machina!” and “You’re pretty fly for a white mage” lol. I think that’ll cover my random quote for this post. πŸ™‚


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  1. Love the videos!! πŸ™‚

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