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By the way, it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day. (YARRR! lol) However, as cool as it would be, I’m not going to write this post as a pirate. Sorry! lol.

And school is back and insane.
Why must things be so complicated?

Also, apparently I didn’t see this earlier but this is an interesting US Open match. lol. Not sure if it beats Federer’s awesome shot, though, but it comes fairly close. πŸ™‚
Anyway, onwards to Day 2 of Fan Expo!
The next day, we knew we had to line up fairly early to get good seats at Leonard Nimoy’s Q&A session.

Yup. That’s for Nimoy. But the people further back are just trying to get into the exhibit floor.
Surprisingly, getting there only an hour earlier seemed to get us good seats (6th row) but there was still time so we played some card games with some friends that we caught up with in line.

This game is surprisingly a lot of fun.

And then we got in.
These are all the people behind us.

We did pretty well, don’t you think? πŸ™‚

Nimoy was really cool but unfortunately he got some really long and stupid questions. Still, there were some great moments and it was funny how every time he made the Vulcan sign the number of flashes from cameras increased. I’ll admit I was one of them. He told us about the story of how the gesture came about and some other cool tidbits about his time shooting the show and shooting the movie and why I did not think of recording any of his session I don’t know. I can only blame myself for that moment of stupidity, but at least I have some pictures? Ah that makes sense now. I kept trying to get good pictures so I couldn’t have been videotaping. Or at least that’s the excuse I’ll use from now on. lol.

Live long and prosper.

It was also funny because both my sister and I realized afterward we were thinking of the same question to ask him: “What do you think about the Spock/Uhura pairing?” And it was even more hilarious because my sister was dressed up as Uhura. But unfortunately, we were both to shy to put our hands up. Anyway, we still had a good time seeing him.

Then we went to see Linda Hamilton and she was pretty cool. She talked a lot about the character of Sarah Connors and about working with Arnold and she was pretty funny. She also talked about her ex James Cameron and actually made jokes about him too so that was cool because I’m pretty sure many of us weren’t sure if it was okay to ask about that subject, but she was perfectly fine with it.

Next was Avery Brooks and that… was kind of disappointing. Sure, he has an awesome voice and that in itself was reason enough to go see him but he himself… well it was pretty obvious he was a drama teacher. He kept trying to be deep and sometimes he was but really it was just a bunch of filler words to sound cool. Although it’s not completely his fault, since he got asked even worse questions than what Nimoy got asked, but when someone tried to ask him something ‘normal’, he did NOT give a normal reply. I remember one of the questions being “What are you doing now?” or basically what new projects was he working on and he went on basically saying that he was “staying alive”. He would keep trying to explain the most random things and end each sentence with “do you understand?” or “you know?”. Or for a while, he would end his sentences with “EH?” since we were in Canada. That got old pretty quickly due to how frequently he said it. Anyway, I think I kind of zoned out near the end but he randomly went off stage to grab a bible and started singing. I do have a video of this but it was already on Youtube so here it is.

Later we saw Bruce Campbell who I didn’t really know but my brother-in-law did and he had an awesome Q&A session. It didn’t really matter that I didn’t know many of the things he was in because it was still hilarious. He’s just a really funny person who knows how to handle fans which is definitely something I respect because it is NOT easy lol. (Language Ahoy!) This was a funny moment and totally his character. He was definitely entertaining.

Love the expression lol.

This person has better-looking videos of Bruce’s Q&A than I do and she’s slightly closer seating-wise but… I don’t mean to be rude but she’s got an even more annoying laugh than I do and that’s saying something. But she does have the whole session while I only have most of it, so that’s cool.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

And that was about it for Day 2. We didn’t go to the Masquerade but there were definitely some good costumes out there.

Those wings are insane!

This actually looks perfect.

And so does this.

Nice group shot from Wind Waker mainly.

More pics (mainly them actually) on Day 3!

Random Quote:
Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don’t make sense
Rolf Nelson from this t-shirt
I gotta admit, I kinda want this t-shirt lol.


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