End of Fan Expo 2009…

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Before getting into the con stuff, I thought I’d mention that i really like this cover for the limited edition of the PS3 from FFXIII. It looks totally awesome. Too bad it won’t ever come here…
And FFVIII is now available in the PSN store in Japan! That should mean it gets over here pretty quickly so that’ll be cool too. Another random thing from TGS09 that caught my eye was a new Square Enix game called Death By Cube? Here’s a trailer. Very interesting.

And, just as a side note, OMG SKIP BEAT!!!!!!
(I’m referring to the last two chapters, 145 and 146. They were simply… insane)

And Happy 11th Birthday, Google!
Wow… 11 years…

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I wasn’t originally planning for this to stretch three weeks but what with school starting (and musical practices beginning. We’re doing Grease this year! Yay!) and just at how much I wrote for each day, this ended up being the case.

With that said, on to Day 3 we go!

Day 3 wasn’t that long and it was kind of sad because it was the last day… but there were still tons of stuff to see.

First up was a Q&A session with Robert Duncan McNeill which was a lot of fun. What was cool was that he had a lot of cool stories from the many shows he’s worked on as an actor, director and producer like these two clips.

I apologize in advance for the shakiness. I’m either laughing to trying to reposition my camera.

The Voyager cast.

Captain Proton.

What was also cool was that even though he was mainly there for being on Star Trek, he was asked some questions about Chuck! (which he directs and produces). The first bit is about practical jokers on the Voyager set but the second half is a Chuck question.

It was funny because there were two people in the back dressed up as Chuck and Sara in a Weinerlicious outfit and Robert got so excited that people dressed up as Chuck characters lol. It was cool.

Anyway, so after that I planned to go to the Q&A for Colleen Clinkenbeard, Brina Palencia and Monica Rial but when I looked in (I was also a few minutes late) not only were the three of them not in the room yet but the room was also quite empty. And while I wanted to see them (mainly Colleen) I was not an avid fan of their work and did not know their stuff well enough to think of any questions… particularly when under pressure as there were so few in the room… so I left. In a way, it was alright because I was having a dilemma about whether to go to that Q&A or to go see Scott McNeill at his Meet&Greet session (more like I’d walk up as close as I can and take pictures of him and then run away). Anyway, so I tried that the first time but was pretty unsuccessful and then came back later and got this.

Yes, I do realize I could have just gotten in line and actually spoken to him, gotten his autograph AND a picture but I’m not so bold as to do that by myself, so I had to resort to sneaky tactics. And somehow (I guess he noticed me… I must have horrible sneaky tactics) he’s even looking my way in the picture! But I’m kinda annoyed he didn’t have a Q&A. That would have been awesome.

Anyway, I met up again with my sister and my brother-in-law after they went to the Q&A session for Billy Dee Williams and I was thinking of going to Crispin Freeman’s Q&A (because he’s just cool 🙂 ) but then I realized the last major show he’d worked on was Code Geass and I still have yet to start/finish that series and I am planning to so spoilers would have been a problem. To try and compromise, I was lucky the door to his session was still open so I took a picture.

I don’t know why (though I really do: not all of these are taken with ‘permission’) but looking back at all the photos I took, I feel like such a creep… lol

Here are some more cool pics.

Just chilling.

Kinda look like they’re in pairs for some reason…?

Do a barrel roll!

Whoa. This was so weird and yet so cool. Although a lot of things at cons are like that.

This would have been perfect had he been looking at me. He never did.

I don’t know what this is but it’s cute.

Creepy yet cool. It was extra cool because the guy dragged her all over the place. She’s on a roller thing so as not to get carpet burn. Pretty ingenious.

Sooooo cute!

You can’t go to a con and not get a picture of Vader.

Or Sephiroth. Seriously.

I was kind of disappointed I didn’t see too many Cross Academy students from Vampire Knight. I think I maybe saw one or two which is kind of sad because it’s a pretty nice uniform. (I would have posted it but it’s not the greatest pic… kinda blurry… so yeah) I understand why I didn’t see many/any Ouran uniforms because that is now an older show but VK is still fairly recent… no? I even saw some cosplays of Lightning from FFXIII and that’s not even out yet! Anyway, I guess because this con was more of everything than specifically anime that only a small variety of anime cosplays were seen. But there were still some great stuff.

Anyway, that brings us to the end of this con… it’s kind of sad… but I enjoyed it! Next year we hope to go to Comic Con but we do realize that will be INSANE, but nevertheless we will try.

Random Quote: Whether you owe someone or they owe you, the moment you start a fight, you’re in the wrong either way. – Kyouraku, Bleach chapter 375


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