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Well, as I’ve been mainly posting about my time at Fan Expo in the last few weeks, there are a couple things here and there that didn’t fit in which I will be able to now! (Yay?) I initially tried to add a couple new things but realized it was getting out of hand so that will be for next time.

And just out of curiosity,

I live in a place where we have roughly 6 months of winter, which start in mid to late October, but bugs are usually gone by September! I guess it doesn’t help that part of my mom’s garden has been moved indoors but that only brings in small flies. The point is this does not help what little concentration/patience I already have.

Oh and I’m already behind on Heroes and Fringe but I will hopefully get caught up on Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice tonight. And don’t even get me started on anything anime… (or Smallville…)

It’s probably best to do this in something akin to chronological order, so the last thing I kind of talked about was finishing FFIII. I’ve already noted how far away the last save point is from the end of the game (which serves no purpose really. Except to drive lower-level-and-guideless players INSANE) but I just want to say that I really liked the how this faqwriter (Seferaga on Gamefaqs) wrote this walkthrough I referred to.
“When cruising in your new airship, avoid flying over Saronia Kingdom. You’ll recognize it as the HUGE castle in the Northwest of the World Map. If you fly over it, bad things will happen and the story will continue. Wait, don’t we want that to happen? NO! Need more treasure.”
It’s little things like this that can dramatically enhance your gaming experience. Particularly for games when walkthroughs are needed more. (This game could have been beaten without a walkthrough but getting all the treasure and all of the HIDDEN ones as well as getting through the Cave of Shadows and knowing where the last save point is would prove difficult)

Another thing that was cool was the item duplication trick that is in some ways better than FFVII’s w-item trick. While FFIII’s trick only lets you duplicate two possible items per battle, it can let you duplicate them even if you only have one. Once I got an elixir, I lost the need for a white mage when I can have unlimited elixirs per battle. And for status effects, I have 99 Angel’s Sighs. Or 99 phoenix downs. There are only two downsides: I can only pick two of these to be unlimited per battle (but 99 should be enough, don’t you think?) and these items are one-person only. Other than that, it’s much better than Curaga, but not necessarily Curaja. While I can use Curaja 20 times at the most (with a devout), I’d rather have another fighter and anyone can use elixirs so that makes things a lot easier. Besides, being at a high level compared to where you are in the game also means less getting hit and a lesser need to heal in-battle.

The one thing that’s kind of annoying is that there’s only one job that will get you 9999 HP by 99 (Black Belt) and you also have to use it when leveling to 99 so all the good jobs that come at the end won’t even get used because you’re busy trying to get 9999 HP with 4 Black Belts. Sure you can switch jobs after and level them up but at that point there’s no real “point” in doing so because you’re basically done the game so unless you want a perfect game with job levels of 99 for each job and each character, you never really get the chance to use the other jobs. I also did not know that before the Ribbon was an accessory, it was a headgear. I guess that works… but would a guy really wear a ribbon? Then again, I highly doubt these people would actually wear half the equipment put on them seriously. But then there’s always the bunny suit in DQ8… lol.

Onto to the next random tidbit. So I’m skimming over some of the stuff on the Capcom official blog and they have this character chart of Fate/Stay Night and related series that includes but is not limited to a love chart and I thought since I’m probably never going to play this game that it wouldn’t hurt to look at it so this might be a spoiler to someone who does want to… Anyway, what the heck is an ex-reincarnation? That’s what one of the arrows was. I’m confused. The arrow next to it, “Past Dark Form” makes slightly more sense but can also be interpreted in a few ways. And who makes their alias “Brainwasher Detective”? Maybe since I know absolutely nothing about the series, it doesn’t make sense to me but… I dunno maybe I’m thinking about the more logical/common rules that go with reincarnation and naming…? At least “Possible Future Self” makes sense because there could be an alternate timeline… wait that might make the ex-reincarnation make sense, if the timeline was changed and they’re not the reincarnation anymore? I guess that’s why there’s a “New Reincarnation” arrow? lol I don’t know where I’m going with this. I just thought this was interestingly weird.

Oh and I got an invite for Google Wave! It is quite hyped up right now and from what I’ve seen, it’s mainly a hype. It is pretty cool and the whole idea of it being live and seeing what other people are typing to you is awesome in itself but I’ve only shared a wave with one person so far and I can already imagine how messy things might get. Particularly if you’re trying to add someone to the wave halfway through… It’s kind of hard to explain unless it’s shown to you but basically things don’t necessarily go in chronological order anymore because you can edit anything in the wave and at the same time as someone else. This in itself seems really cool but think about what happens when you’re trying to edit something. Another person in the wave can see that and either adds to the wave or edits an existing blip in the wave to reply to what you’re in the middle of typing. Now you see what that person is trying to type and reply to them. Now you’re continuing the wave in one part while the other person is adding to it in another part and you’ve lost the chronology because the ‘playback’ feature only records when a blip is completed or finished being edited. If you continue the conversation in two currently-being-edited blips, that distinction won’t be made in the playback feature. I’ve tried to describe this as best I could but this is also part of the problem with Google Wave: no one really knows what it is.

Anyway, that’s enough for now. I’ll talk more about this later. đŸ™‚

Random Quote: That’s right. I said ‘rue’.

– Grey’s Anatomy, season 6 ep 1-2


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