Happy Thanksgiving!

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Yay for long weekends 🙂
And this also makes room for more games and shows! Awesome! lol

Anyway, The World Ends With You has been taking up most of my time this weekend (without spoiling much, all I wanna say is WTF and Joshua is SO annoying) along with yesterday/partly today’s X-Men movie marathon including X-Men, X2 and Wolverine. (There is no X3 and I have no idea what you are talking about.) But seriously, they are a great bunch of movies. It was my first time seeing Wolverine so it was really cool seeing all the little connections here and there and it had a great cast as well but as we all know, it has a sad ending… but it’s still a good movie. I enjoyed it 🙂

So my plan right now is to share some of my thoughts on first episode of the sequel of Darker Than Black! So basically, BEWARE.

Got it memorized? (lol love that quote)

Right off the bat, the animation looked fabulous. It definitely did not disappoint. It was also a nice refresher to see them talk about the stars, seeing as that’s pretty important and it reminded me of some of the unanswered questions that were left after the first season. Anyway, it was also nice to see April back in all her colours and also interesting to see the continuation of month/date codenames. (I guess they assume there will never be more than 366 of them alive at one time in their group? lol) And it was really cool how April starts this off with some stats.

The smoke exhaled from cigarettes is more toxic than the smoke inhaled. Inhaled smoke has 5.3 to 43 nanograms of the carcinogen, dimethylnitrosamine. While on the other hand, second hand smoke has 680 to 823 nanograms. Secondhand smoke has 11 times the amount of quinoline compared to inhaled smoke. That’s about 18,000 nanograms.

Apparently not.

At this point, this is when the logo kicked and so did what I thought was going to be the opening theme song and animation.
But no.

This was all we got. Well this changing colours. But I preferred the blue one the best.

The beat sounded so cool and i was getting into the groove and they totally ruined it! If I had to say something bad about this episode, it was that there was not opening song and animation. I kind of understand why since it probably shows Hei and Yin and people who have yet to be introduced at this time… but it was still kind of annoying. Especially with that tease of the song for a good 10 seconds. Music is important to me!

Anyway, the episode focuses around this girl Suou and her twin brother Shion (which took me forever to get because in my head, I already know male characters named Suou and female ones named Shion and never the other way around, so this didn’t even occur to me… I need to realize a lot of Japanese names are unisex.) who seem to be at the heart of this problem. And seeing as this series will only be 12 episodes long, it is likely this will simply be one arc mainly about these twins which should be interesting. There are lots of crazy things you can do with siblings, particularly twins, in a story.

I was pretty surprised so many people got killed off in the first episode. Like April and Mao! Aww… cats are just too awesome. I was also kinda sad there wasn’t much Hei in this episode. And when he finally showed up…

He got long hair?

And in the preview he’s a bum?

Looks like the next ep will show us what will happen between the two seasons since he’s still got shortish hair when he’s a bum… interesting.

ooh familiar ending flowers… lol

Random Quote: Doing nothing is very hard to do … you never know when you’re finished.– Leslie Nielsen


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